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Warrant - Born again

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: MTM Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Pat Regan
Artist discography


So now one of the most popular and successful hardrock bands of the late 80s and early 90s strikes back with a brand new album, yes I?m talking about US rockers Warrant.
They are even back with all the original members from the first two platinum-selling albums except original singer Jani Lane.
He has been replaced by Black ?N? Blue singer Jaime St. James and he does a great job but he?s not Jani Lane,that?s one of the main things why "Born Again" don?t have the classic Warrant sound over it. Their debut album was Ok, but I love Cherry Pie and Dog Eat Dog that were filled with brilliant 80s hardrock with plenty of hooklines and catchy choruses, that was classy stuff.
I won?t say that Born Again is a bad album - it?s not sounding like Warrant but more like Black?N?Blue, LA.Guns and Ratt.
Sure there are a couple of tracks that has hints of Warrant in them but not in that classic way,best song on the album is "Bourbon County Line" that is a strong rocker that reminds more of Danger Danger than Warrant - this is a song that has a chorus that gets stuck in your head.
"Hell. CA" is a nice rocker that leans more at Nelson meets Warrant in a somekind of mix, nice song though.

There are no ballads that will make a bigger buzz, but they don?t have any Lane to write them. "Glimmer" is the closest you will come to a ballad and this one reminds more of Poison, Ok nothing more.
"Velvet Noose" takes you on a real trip to 80s L.A with cool riffs and hooks,there are way too many boring titles like "Devils Juice", "Dirty Jack", "Roller Coaster" and "Roxy" to make this an interesting album.
This is an album filled with hardrockin? songs that is a mixture of 80s sleaze rock and L.A hardrock but they don?t have come up with enough strong materal on Born Again.
It?s great to have Warrant back but this album is not what I had expected. A few nice moments but otherwise way too many fillers. Pat Regan (Kiss, Ted Nugent, Deep Purple, Mr. Big and LA Guns) has done a great production job on Born Again. Now I will go and put on "Mr. Rainmaker" from the Cherry Pie album instead.

Tracklisting 1. Devil's Juice
2. Dirty Jack
3. Bourbon County Line
4. Hell, Ca.
5. Angels
6. Love Strikes Like Lightning
7. Glimmer
8. Roller Coaster
9. Down in Diamonds
10. Velvet Noose
11. Roxy
12. Good Times


Melodic Net Comments 

im a big black n blue fan thats the only reason i bought the cd .its not a bad album if your a bnb fan and also theres a couple good tunes here but if your into the jani lane warrant sound you wont find it anywhere here at all.

Jerry - USA
Little to nice on the review, finally Juhas has one right. I heard the new CD and wanted my money back. As soon as I put it in the player, I heard this distinct sucking sound until I finally got to the end. I thought they were OK w/Lane and expected more from St James, but weak ass songs are weak ass songs. Warrant should realize how truely lucky they were in the late 80?s and thank bands like GNR, Crue, Poison & Shark Island for their lucky fucking break, enjoy your saloon tour accross mid-America boys and write some real songs.

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