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Needtobreathe - Daylight

Emilio LV Format: Album
Release date: 2006-04-04
Label: Atlantic/Lava/Sparrow
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: Andy Green
Artist discography


Attention folks! Needtobreathe (in a single word) could be the next big act to be in every mouth this year,with the right support and promotion of Atlantic and Sparrow.
I just can imagine how cool it must be watching these guys live but I can assure you that you can order "Daylight" with blind eyes!
The first half of the album is absolutely awesome track by track! I?d point out "Quit" and "Knew it all" for their quick tempo. This couple must be singles for sure! These songs are choruses themselves which will get stuck in your head for weeks! Ok, these songs don?t define the style of the album but they show they can beat any band playing catchy loud riff rock too, but their sound is more solid than that.
"Daylight", "Don?t Leave Just Yet" or "Haley" (and I could keep naming..) are some pearls which stand in the charismatic voice of Bear Rineheart, the soulful lyrics of both, Bear and his brother Bo, and an epic sound which is difficult not to fall in love with.

Their songs and attitude should lead them to the top of mainstream rock charts.
I have to remark the marvelous work that Andy Green has done in the production,to be signed by a major don?t mean getting good results always.
We?ve heard many good independent albums getting weaker when they?ve been re-released by labels. There are no complaints but congratulations here as Andy has taken out all their talent.
These guys have seized their chance to record an astonishing major debut and I just hope that it?s confirmed with their sales. It?s the best major release I?ve listened to so far this year, a top 10 for sure! Simply a must!

Tracklisting 1. Don't Wait For Daylight
2. Quit
3. Shine On
4. Don't Leave Just Yet
5. Haley
6. You Are Here
7. Knew It All
8. More Than
9. Over Now
10. Lost
11. I Won't Look Back


Melodic Net Comments 

Two or three good songs maybe, hmm.. I am not convinced.

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