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Saves The Day - Sound the alarm

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-04-11
Label: Vagrant Records
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Steve Evetts
Artist discography


Location:New Jersey,USA
Discography:Can?t slow down (1998),Through being cool (1999),Stay what you are (2001),In Reverie (2003),Ups and downs (2004),Sound the alarm (2006)
Bandmembers:Chris Conley - Vocals/Guitar,David Soloway - Guitar,Manuel Carrero - Bass,Pete Parada - Drums
Influences:The Stooges,The Damned,Refused,The Clash
Will appeal to fans of:Kill Radio,The Get up kids,The Kicks
Album tracks Total length:43,04
1.Head for the hills (2,50)
2.The end (1,54)
3.Shattered (3,08)
4.Eulogy (3,22)
5.Dying day (2,22)
6.34 (2,23)
7.Say you?ll never leave (2,20)
8.Diseased (2,12)
9.Don?t know why (3,22)
10.Sound the alarm (3,06)
11.Bones (2,22)
12.Delusional (2,07)
13.Hell is here (3,36)
Kaj?s final words:In this band?s 12 year long career,they have been on a major label,sold over 500,000 copies and recruited a new bassplayer in Manny Carrero from Glassjaw on the new album.
The leftovers from the recordings of STA will be released on the "Bug sessions EP" that only will be sold at shows and their fans will ofcourse get it coz the new material is a bit better than the previous albums.
Their garage rock sounding powerpop pays a visit in the English punkrock scene of the 70?s,the new album isn?t as poppy as their Dreamworks album from 2003 but more of a salute to The Clash classic "London calling" soundwise.
At first,I thought this wasn?t so good but I can?t resist their charming sound - singer Chris Conley might sound a bit like Brett Anderson (Suede) but it?s nothing negative.
They have saved my day and might save yours too..........

Tracklisting 1. Head For The Hills
2. The End
3. Shattered
4. Eulogy
5. Dying Day
6. 34
7. Say You'll Never Leave
8. Diseased
9. Don't Know Why
10. Sound The Alarm
11. Bones
12. Delusional
13. Hell Is Here


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