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Faris Nourallah - Il suo cuore di transistor

Faris Nourallah - Il suo cuore di transistor

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-07-05 Year: 2006
Label: Awful Bliss
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: Faris Nourallah
Artist discography


Dallas based songwriter Faris Nourallah makes his own little novels when he writes songs,it?s like listening to a new story with a whole different mood with each and every song on his 4th studio album.
The absolute delightful "Raining" makes you wanna go out in the rain and dance like Gene Kelly,the mysterious "Lifeboat" reminds a lot of the early works with Pink Floyd while "Chaos" takes you on a trip in his time machine to the wild west of the 19th century.
The opening track "Black car" is one of the most catchy songs he has ever written and even if Faris loves to compose the majority of his songs on the Fender rhodes piano,he also gives us acoustic guitar pop on "Face in the wind" with a touch of Neil Young.
Perhaps the Lennon tendencies aren?t as obvious on the new album as they have been before - get yourself a cup of coffee,sit back & relax to "Transistor".
A very nice album!

Tracklisting 1. Black Car
2. I’ll Be The Change
3. Chaos
4. Rewrite History
5. Lifeboat
6. Raining
7. Dreamkillers
8. Face In The Wind
9. Move On
10. Break Your Wovs
11. Dreamgirl
12. But Not Tomorrow
13. Don’t Kiss
14. Tell Me Secrets
15. Don’t Smoke (Hidden Track)


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