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Giuntini Project - III

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Dario Mollo
Artist discography


The Italian guitarist Aldo Giuntini is back with the 3rd album with his Giuntini Project. Giuntini has gone in the same school as Brazen Abbot?s Nikolo Kotzev and delivers hardrock in the same vein as Brazen Abbot. This may lean more into Rainbow meeting Black Sabbath than Brazen Abbot but othewise the sound is very much the same. Aldo has managed to keep the winning team from the 2nd album with Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) on vocals and secured the help of Ezio Secomandi, Dario Patti and Fulvio Gaslini to record this new album.
This new album is very up and down with a couple of damn good classic heavy/hardrock songs mixed with fillers that never gets a grip of you.
The production is tight with a very good sound and he has created a fine mixture of guitars and keyboards/hammond organ in the sound.

Sure,there are two instrumental songs that both has a running time around 5 minutes that feels just like they are filling out the album. As I said there are a couple of really fine tracks such as "Que Es La Vida", a strong song that reminds little bit of Martin?s Black Sabbath era.
"Disfunctional Kid" is a fine piece of work and a damn good melodic hardrock song with great hooks and a strong chorus.
"Early Warning" is another great guitarbased rocker with nice riffs and melodies with a chorus that features fine keyboards.
"Trouble Just Keeps Coming" shows what a damn good singer Tony Martin is and the chorus has a superb mix of guitars and a powerful keyboardsound in it,then there are a few more nice songs but no one that stands out.
If you thought Tony Martins last solo album was a boring affair (like myself) then his involvment in Giuntini Project is much better with stronger songs and sound.
If you own the 2 first albums with Giuntini Project and are a fan of Brazen Abbot then this will please your needs.
This is not a sensational album but there are moments worth checking out. The 2nd album is also now available on a mid price edition.


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