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Thursday - A City by the light divided

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Island Records
Genre: Post Hardcore
Producer: Dave Fridmann
Artist discography


I must admit that I was no fan of this band?s previous album "War all the time" (2003) but perhaps I would enjoy a bit more nowadays since I have learned to like more posthardcore music.
I have always appreciated punkrock music ever since the first time I bought my first 3 punkrock albums - Sex Pistols "Never mind the bullocks",The Damned "Damned Damned Damned" and The Jam "In the city" in 1977.
Most of these posthardcore bands also seem to get more and more melodic with less screaming which I only see as a positive thing,the U.S band Thursday are influenced by the 70?s British punkscene and have also taken down the screamo part to almost a zero level so the new album "A city by the light divided" sounds more like a true punkrock record.
The first single "Counting 5-4-3-2-1" might not have that direct radio hit chorus but it?s a good upbeat tune that grows for each time I hear it,the atmospheric stadium rock of "Running from the rain" is probably the most poppy song this band has recorded and I like it a lot.

The intelligent "We will overcome" has hitpotential without doubt and when the children choir lifts the song to a climax,I start to think this must be their best song so far.
I see a resemblance with Thrice latest album "Vheissu" coz they?re thoughful cd?s with depth,just listen to "Telegraph avenue kiss" which could?ve been featured on Thrice latest album as well.
I also think the second half of this cd is a bit stronger than the first half strangely enough since it?s usually the other way around,this is not a superb album but it?s a helluva lot better than "War all the time".
Now you?ll have to excuse me coz I?m going to crank up "Into the blinding light" and play some airsynthesizer......I?ll suggest you join me!

Tracklisting 1. The Other Side Of The Crash/Over And Out (Of Control)
2. Counting 5-4-3-2-1
3. Sugar In The Sacrament
4. At This Velocity
5. We Will Overcome
6. Arc-Lamps, Signal Flares, A Shower Of White (The Light)
7. Running From The Rain
8. Telegraph Avenue Kiss
9. The Lovesong Writer
10. Into The Blinding Light
11. Autumn Leaves Revisited


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