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Oomph - GlaubeLiebeTod

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Gun
Genre: Industrial
Producer: Oomph
Artist discography


A new album from German industrial metallers already! This came as a big surprise since I recently reviewed their EP "Gott ist ein popstar" and thought it would be the only release from Oomph this year but how wrong I was and how happy I was too..........."GlaubeLiebeTod" is their 9th full length album so by now,they have become a pretty strong team behind well crafted songs and 21st century electro metal.
The 2 best tracks from the EP "Gott ist ein popstar" and "Ich will deine seele" are also included here plus 12 more brand new tracks on the premium edition of this album,the standard edition which is cheaper contains only 12 tracks and I suggest you get the more expensive version with the bonus tracks "Wenn du mich lasst" and "Mennschsein" coz they are far from fillers.

It?s rather cool to hear a bluesy industry metal tune but "Die schlinge" feels like a new thing in this genre,I like how they have added layers of keyboards at the end of the song.
"Du willst es doch auch" gets the motor running on all cylinders,this is a breath taking rocker made for the stage and "Mein schatz" has that early Rammstein technodisco feel over it in a boogie rhythm.
The calm "Eine frau spricht im schlaf" could?ve been lifted off the album coz it feels like 4 totally unnecessary minutes to get through,another song I just can?t take in is "Dreh dich nicht um" which is way too tedius and robot-like.
Not entirely a great album but the good moments are far more than the boring ones,at least it?s better than the previous "Wharheit oder pflicht" (2004).


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