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Killer Sixgun - s/t

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Independent
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


Behind Killer Sixgun you will find Lakis Ragazas that was born in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Lakis is a talented guitarist that has composed and played on this album that?s almost instrumental except for 2 songs where a guy called John Jeff Touch sings on.
We?re talking classic hardrock with a couple of tracks that has a more bluesy feel over them,I must say that he plays the guitar with lots of passion and he knows how to bring out some outstanding melodies, it?s hard not to play air-guitar on a few of the songs on this album.

Ok, let?s talk about the songs where there are vocals and those are "Highway Of Love" and "Reach Out".
"Highway Of Love" is a great straight in your face hardrock song with furious and heavy riffs and strong hooklines, fantastic hardrock song.
It reminds of Van Halen meets Hardline on a desert road. The singer John Jeff Touch has a powerful hardrock voice that reminds a bit of Great White?s Jack Russell mixed with Johnny Gioeli.
"Reach Out" is hardrock with some blues vibes and makes me think of Hardlines 2nd album,the rest of the tracks are solid instrumental songs and on a couple of the tracks - Lakis brings out some outstanding riffs,just listen to the emotional "Stay With Me" that is a beautiful song, there?s love in the air.
For the last 10 years Lakis has been working as a guitar teacher in various music schools so now you know that this is a guy that can play.
I just hope that next time he writes more songs with vocals but if you?re into instrumental guitarmusic,then check out his website.
I almost forgot to mention that the production of the album is brilliant.


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