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Aubrey Collins - World Without Me

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-01-01 Year: 2006
Label: Revolution Row
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Trey Bruce
Artist discography


18 year old Aubrey Collins was only 14 when she released her debut "Back to me" (2002) which was a country based record,this time she?s rocking like the wild Dutch singer Anouk and Kelly Clarkson?s type of modern rock hits performed with the spirit of Nashville.
Aubrey has an impressive line up of musicians around her like John 5 (Loser,Marilyn Manson) who also co-wrote 2 songs "You?re full of it" and "Innocence" on the album,guitar veteran Pat Buchanan and Trey Bruce who produced the album and co-wrote 9 of the album?s 10 tracks with one song "Who let it rain" together with Richard Marx.
Trey has written songs for well known artists like LeAnn Rimes,Trisha Yearwood and the late Chris LeDoux.

Although Aubrey is involved in the songwriting of 5 songs and proves what a good songwriter she is,"Fighting" is written all by herself and it rocks like 1000 penguins running for free fish on the polar beach - it?s her voice that takes this album high on my personal charts of female singers.
God,how I love the last track "Stoned" which is glowing and it?s hard to believe Aubrey started out as a country singer when she rocks the crap out of Ashlee Simpson on this song.
The ballad "Naked" gets stuck in the head like superglue and since she?s so beautiful I get speechless,this one is the perfect knockout song with a video that would make all the guys kill for a copy.
Aubrey,I love you!

Tracklisting 1. World Without Me
2. You're Full Of It
3. Fighting
4. Naked
5. Sensational
6. Who Let It Rain
7. Insane For Me
8. Innocence
9. Agony
10. Stoned


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