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Keith Miles - What It Was They Became

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2006-04-25 Year: 2006
Label: House Of Trout
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Producer: Jack Sundrud
Artist discography


There are probably just 3% of our readers who will enjoy this little shortcut and recommendation so I?m sorry to the other 97% of rockers out there... Anyway - for some reason I have always been week for singer songwriters and storytellers like Guy Clark and John Prine and here is a guy on the same level as the just mentioned guys. This album is a pleasant ride and a check out for the tiny little public we have at the site that have the same broad taste as myself. Keith Miles sits on good qualities.

Tracklisting 1. Hickory Tree
2. Job To Do
3. Nolichucky Idyll
4. Highway 81
5. I Walk When I Have To (But Mostly I Like to Drive)
6. Sometimes Santa Fe
7. Liars
8. Just Dropped In
9. Indian Prayer
10. Mason Dixon Line
11. This Face
12. Girl With Indiana Eyes
13. Finale


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