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Three Days Grace - One-X

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Jive Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Howard Benson
Artist discography


Three Days Grace has expanded from a trio to a quartet on the new album with Barry Stock as the new lead guitarist,leaving frontman Adam Gontier to focuse more on the vocal duties.
I read back in 2005 that Harry Hess of Harem Scarem was going to produce this album but when it?s finally being released,it?s Howard Benson who is responsible for the sound which is a shame coz most of his work has the same type of sound and I believe Harry could?ve done a far more interesting job.
Now,don?t get me wrong here coz it?s a fat and clear sound on "One-X" but the first album had a more personal sound compared to this one that truly reminds a lot of other HB productions like Depswa,Hoobastank,Mercy Fall,P.O.D,Papa Roach and Cold to mention a few of the hundreds he?s done.
Three Days Grace has lost a bit of their own trademark of the first album,ofcourse these new songs are really good like the great new single "Animal I have become" and my fave - the rocker "Pain".
"One-X" is a tough modern rock album that might please all fans of corporate riffrock but this won?t set my world on fire,good stuff ohyes!......some mega cool riffs,true!........but these choruses are as predictable as the ending of a Hollywood motion picture.
Three Days Grace has lost their soul,their debut was a lot better!
Big bucks aren?t always the best solution for a better result,I suggest 3DG can look for another up and coming producer on the next one - why not Joe Barresi?

Tracklisting 1. It's All Over
2. Pain
3. Animal I Have Become
4. Never Too Late
5. On My Own
6. Riot
7. Get Out Alive
8. Let It Die
9. Over and Over
10. Time Of Dying
11. Gone Forever
12. One X


Melodic Net Comments 

the best alt. metal/post-grunge album i've ever heard ;))

Troy K
I just brought this CD out again today. Wow I forgot how good it was. They have so many amazing singles on this disc. I hope you have all seen these boys play live! They are even better on stage!

I have to disagree with the main review on this. I found One-X far deeper, personal, and quite simply better sounding than their first album. Where the original is almost all anger and stubbornness, one-x adds to the emotion of the band. while it carries plenty of the angst of the first, it also adds desperation, sorrow, and regret. The addition of Barry Stock allows for much more complicated and melodic guitar riffs which include some lead riffs which was something mostly absent from their first album. In addition Adam has taken his vocals up a notch. His soft clean stuff is just as good as it was in their first album but his harsh gritty grungy vocals are far superior to what he did on the first album. His singing can carry both the pure rage driven lyrics from songs like Riot and Time of Dying as well as the painful anguish from songs like Pain and Never Too Late. Not to mention the middle ground on Animal I have become where he is equally mad and desperate. All in all it may not be the most original sounding album, but it is distinct enough, especially Gontier's vocals which are the most disting part of the band. The best part of the album is simply how identifiable its subjects and message are. Everyone at some point in their feels alone, unloved, and ticked off. unsure of whether they are just going to break and give in or whether they will make a stand for themselves. That is the essence of One-X, its like you are in a very dark place but you can see a way out. Songs: Its All Over: 4.5 stars Pain: 5 Animal I Have Become: 5 Never Too Late: 5 On My Own: 4 Riot: 5 Get Out Alive: 4 Let It Die: 4.5 Over and Over: 4.5 Time of Dying: 5 Gone Forever: 4.5 One-X: 4

I Absolutly love Three Days Grace...i saw them at x-fest this year and they were amazing! And it helps that Adam is hott too!! There new cd is much better than the other...

Sarah Bertrand
I Love There New Album, Also Love There 1st best Band Ever! hope they keep bringing kick a$$ tunes! ~Sarah <3

this cd is better than the first one. The songs have a little more variety than the first cd.

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