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Eleventyseven - The Land Of Fake Believe

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Flicker
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Travis Wyrick
Artist discography


Eleventyseven doesn?t offer any huge musical adventures on their debut album ?and the land of fake believe? produced my Travis Wyrick (Pillar, Disciple,10 Years).
With a sound close to traditional punk-pop with bands like Blink 182, Bowling For Soup and Relient K - the band follows the same receipt with fast and ultra catchy melodies in a youthful package.
You have heard this before, yes, but if you like this type of infectious and positive sounding rock like me ,it?s a very nice piece of work here.
The opening tune ?More Than A Revolution? went up to the top on the Christian single chart earlier this year when it was released as the first single off the album. It?s a hit single for sure, but it?s with the new second one, ?Myspace? that I think that band will really break.
With a title that is right on spot now when the phenomena myspace is probably the hottest music site and community and with a melody that gets stuck at once - I can?t see anything else that the guys will be played over and over on mtv and such places.
The only thing that is against them is that this type of music has been done several times before and in all kinds of variations. But I don?t think that it can hold these guys back. With such competent piece of work like this; we got a good proof that the punk-pop genre is still alive and sparkling for sure.
Thumbs up for the three softer tunes here that shows another side of the band and that slows down the pulse of the album in a good way. This might be the most positive album of the year and a must for those that are into the bands I compared them with.

Tracklisting 1. More Than A Revolution
2. A Stellar Sayonara
3. Nostalgiatopia
4. MySpace
5. Here With Me
6. The Unicorn Revolt
7. Anti-Adieu
8. Odds and Even Sos
9. Teenage Heartbreak
10. Yesterday's Glues
11. Reach That Far


Melodic Net Comments 

This band has the classic punk rock style that would keep any sane person listening. With awesome songs that displays how talented the members of the band are, EleventySeven?s first album shows that they are definitely ready for a second album. With hits like "MySpace" and "More than a Revolution" it?s hard to ignore that they are a talented group of guys. A must-buy CD...

I think that thay are the best!!!

i love this band sooo much the 1st time i heard them i knew that they were the band for me!

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