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Muse - Black Holes and Revelations

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: WEA
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Matt Bellamy/Rich Costey
Artist discography


What if Prince did a bunch of Ziggy Stardust sounding tunes with Queen flavor,well that?s exactly how Matt Bellamy and his Muse sounds like on their 4th album "Black holes and revelations".
I just watched a concert with this awesome band on MTV last week and was impressed by their glowing stage performance,fell in love right away with the new track "Invincible" where Matt shows what a great singer he is.
Fans of The Ark should listen to glampearl of "Starlight" while progrock fans of the more spacey style will love the opener "Take a bow".
The Prince smelling single "Supermassive black hole" doesn?t really speak for the whole album,Muse rocks more than disco away through their songs and I must say that this is the perfect follow up to the gigantic "Absolution" which was one of the best albums of 2003.
The flirt with dance music only makes the new album a charming affair,I can see hundreds of dance freaks going wild to the Duran Duran-ish "Map of the problematique".
Muse has a unique sound and are truly an unpredictable band that always deliver surprises along the way,if anything deserves to be called award winning music - then it?s this British trio.
Songs made by the hands of magicians!

Tracklisting 1. Take a Bow
2. Starlight
3. Supermassive Black Hole
4. Map Of The Problematique
5. Soldier's Poem
6. Invincible
7. Assassin
8. Exo-Politics
9. City Of Delusion
10. Hoodoo
11. Knights Of Cydonia
12. Glorious


Melodic Net Comments 

best album by Muse
2013-07-27 22:01:49

the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-04-04 10:19:32

This is the first review I?ve read that even mentions Duran Duran. The video for "Knight?s of Cydonia" is definitely pays tribute to all of DDs early videos by almost exactly re-enacting scenes from their videos, and the format of the song definitley does as well. The song begins with a pounding rhythm, then the "Rio" like synths kick in, then you have "New Moon on Monday" stlye lyrics followed by a huge chorus with surging guitars, finishes with a "Girls on Film" stlye flourish of pure adrenalene. For those who love "Knights of Cydonia", I highly recommend Duran Duran?s Night Versions.

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