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Shark Island - Gathering of the faithful

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Spencer Sercombe/German Villacorta/Richard Black
Artist discography


L.A based Shark Island released their debut album "Law & Order" in 1989 through CBS Records and Jack Ponti (Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Baton Rouge) co-wrote a couple of the songs and those were the ones that stood out more than the rest.
They played a very typical 80s L.A scene hardrock,so now 17 years later - Richard Black, Spencer Sercombe, Christian Heilman and Glenn Sobel will release the 2nd Shark Island album with brand new tracks, who would?ve thought that?
If the debut was an up and down album then this new reunion album is much worse. They deliver 13 tracks without a single track that has catchy hooklines or a strong chorus,I don?t know who will be pleased to hear this album because I don?t see why the ones that has the debut will enjoy this new album.

They try to play the same kind of bluesy hardrock with a touch of soul a?la Great White and a few songs has a very acoustic feel over them, why so mellow?
I have been going through this album a couple of times now without getting any grip of it.
The only songs that gets my approval are "The Stranger" which is a rocker in the Joe Lynn Turner style and the best song of the album "Go West" with a chorus that will get your attention for sure.
More of this kind of rockers then this would have been a much better album,the cover of this album will be a candidate of this year?s worst cover for sure. No this comeback from the Sharks was not a fun affair,this is an album you can be without.


Melodic Net Comments 

J. Anderson
I purchased this album a few weeks ago and love it. Gathering of the Faithful is a great rock CD for anyone that likes real music. This reviewer is the worst ever. Waiting faithfully for the next CD.

Tenemos el agrado de entregarles a ustedes lo nuevo de Shark Island, banda que en los ochentas sacaron tres cds y tuvieron un relativo ?xito, aunque como muchos de sus colegas en aquella ?poca, merecido pero no reconocido. Como dato, para aquellos que no est?n demasiado familiarizados con SI, Richard Black formo parte de unos de los primeros super grupos, Contraband junto a Tracii de LA Guns, Michael Schenker de UFO, Share de Vixen y Bobby Blotzer de Ratt. De todas maneras, despu?s de 16 a?os, sale el sucesor de ?Law of the order? y quieren saber algo? Este es un discazo! Tres de los cuatro miembros originales est?n de regreso: Richard en voz, Spencer Sercombe en guitarras, Christian Heilmann en bajo y yo me imagino que se dijeron para ellos mismos ?vamos a sacar un disco que les vuele el cerebro al mundo entero, necesitamos un batero a ese nivel? por lo que no pudieron elegir mejor que Glen Sobel quien se esta convirtiendo en el Bozzio actual, ya que esta apareciendo a muchos proyectos al mismo tiempo como Beautiful Creatures, D?Amato, Impellitteri, Jeff Scott Soto?todo el mundo llama a este tipo para tocar en su disco! ?Blues skies? abre el cd, con un tema mas orientado a un power pop, como para ir acomodando el o?do, cuando aparece ?Stranger?, simplemente me relajo, ya se que al menos va a ser un album decente, pero no es asi. Siguen golpe?ndome en la sien tremendos temas del mejor hard rock mel?dico ya casi tirando a AOR como ?Go best? que si prestan atenci?n, hay ciertos aires a Bon Jovi en el timbre de voz de Black, verdad? Les pregunto, porque al menos en la pagina de ellos van a poder compartir mi opini?n, posiblemente, si escuchan sus canciones. Para los buscadores de temas rom?nticos, pongan atenci?n a ?Welcome goodbye? y ?I had a dream? y para los amantes de la onda mas progresiva esta ?Heaven?. Como dato extra, ver?n en la foto que acompa?a este review, como viene presentado este incre?ble lanzamiento, el cd viene en caja negra y dentro hay una caja blanca, ambas con el logo de Shark Island, y adentro esta el libro con im?genes y letras, les falto fotos de la banda, pero como presensaci?n de arte le doy 9 puntos. Cerrando, Shark Island deja en claro que si una banda quiere regresar al mercado de hoy en d?a, lo debe hacer con elegancia, profesionalidad, buen gusto y mucho rock and roll. Altamente recomendado. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LUCASGORDON

Stevie Kirkwood
A Fantastic Album that really rocks long overdue, hopefully they will do a European tour and we will get to see them

Finally an album that you can listen to from top to bottom and not have to skip a track. Shark Island is a real rock band that plays real rock music. Thank you for this incredible work you call Gathering of the Faithful. You have a new fan that will spread the word and keep the faith. Good Luck!!!!!!!

Steven, email me at I may be able to help you get in touch.

Was given the Gathering CD on tour by a fan and dig the vibe and love the band. Reminds me of me many years ago. Heard the legend of the Sharks 20 years gone by. They vanished like a ghost that never existed, but in the souls of some true fans that alway existed. Was suposed to be me, that never would see. If these guys would tour with my band of brothers, they would get what they deserve and lots of loven. If anyone can put me in contact with the dude in charge please post the info. Need a special guest to balance out our show. This is no joke, the universe will be watching, I will be watching, haunted by the feeling that something is due, the reviewer is a pawn with no fucking clue. What the hell site am I on, but I am having to much fun listening to the new Sharks song "Go West Young Man" go Weeeeeeeeeeesssstt!!!!!!!!!!!. God bless you all!!!!!!!!

The reviewer displays a stunning lack of musical insight. The album is heartfelt, powerful and has "style". Not many bands can recapture and even improve their sound after such a layoff. Quite extraordinary.

Gathering of the Faithful is a brilliant album from one of the best most under rated bands ever. Cheers to Shark Island for a real album with heart and soul and a lot of rock and roll, give me more........ NOW.

Raw - Real - Rock and roll, not even metal... Better. Driven, partying, chilling or banging it is the sound track to my life for this moment in time and I will never forget it. Becoming one of my all time favorite albums....... Ever Shark Island - Gathering of the Faithful - Brilliance - Class Richard Black - Unique - Powerful Voice - Better then ever Law of the Order - One of the most under appreciated albums of the last twenty years, and thats no "Juha", sorry all didn?t mean to insult shit.

I say one thing: Get rid of these shity reviewer, I think those Juha guy is very negative in all his reviews. Sucker!!

Gathering of the Faithful is F?n incredible, well worth the wait and shows that Shark Island is back. Now, if we can only get rid of the jerkoff reviewer, get a life loser!

Got the import copy last week, Gathering of the Faithful has been the only CD I?ve listened to since that first listen. The more I listen to it the better it gets. It?s obvious to me that the reviewer is either deaf or secretly hides in the closet and has inappropriate Axl fantasies. WELCOME TO THE ISLAND BABY and get the hell out of the closet or you will go blind. SHARK ISLAND - YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

If the reviewer?s taste in music is up and down, then his spelling and grammar are worse. What a Neanderthal. On, "Why so mellow?", this just in, Neanderthal: Shark Island isn?t Slayer (thank God). I agree with Megan: isn?t ANYONE tired of hearing the same stuff over and over???--alternative and grunge (I don?t care what they?re calling it these days, it?s the same crap) has held the pink slip on the music industry for far too long--that it ever held it at all is a wonder. "Gathering" is real music, people. You?re hearing the hearts, souls and raw, visceral talent of some of the most underexposed, underpraised rockers in music history, no joke. "Blue Skies" is a unique, transforming rocker with a powerful message. "Stranger", "Go West", "Down To The Ground", "Heaven", and "Temptation" do powerful justice to the Shark?s club days, and "Life Goes On" is simply a one-of-a-kind experience that has to be heard and felt to be believed. With this album, Shark Island reaffirms its title that I?ve consistently referred to it as: the Greatest Rock-N-Roll Band In The History Of The World. Get this album. Get a dozen and give it to friends and family. You cannot be without this CD.

I agree this reviewer is clearly in the wrong line of work. the new album is brilliant. its so refreshing to hear something that isn?t the same as anything else. And as for the artwork i think its fabulous! and i?ve heard a rumour that its hand drawn and not a computer print off so well done to whoever did that!!! Its a great album and i hope it does really well!!

I love this Shark Island album! It brings back those feel good rock-n-roll days. Refreshing in todays hip-hop culture trend. As far as the cover... I thought it was a nice touch. Who approves the publishing of these reviews anyhow?

This is the best new music I?ve heard in the last 10 years. Listen to it 3 times and you can?t put it down. This critic could?nt find his ass with both hands and should find a new hobby.

W. Palmer
The CD by Shark Island is awesome. The reviewer we can all can be without. Give it a listen again then have your Mum slap you.

Gathering of the Faithful by Shark Island is one of the best albums I?ve heard in years. Shark Island come back artist of the year! Interviewer should find a new job.

a.e. smith
the reviewer must have been a disgruntled "new kids on the block" fan

Shark island is a great cd the person who wrote the negitive article here is a fool.

listen on spotify