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Fluid Ounces - Big Notebook For Easy Piano

Fluid Ounces - Big Notebook For Easy Piano

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 1998
Label: Spongebath Records
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Ross Rice & FL. OZ
Artist discography


Here we have one helluva cool band!!! Imagine a mix between JELLYFISH, BEN FOLDS FIVE and MATTHEW SWEET and we?re quite ahead of what these guys are up to. Genuine wackopop at it?s very best. Great production signed Ross Rice (ex Human Radio) and superb songs like "Tricky Fingers" and "Kept Alive By Science" makes this record a sure buy for a lovers of modern powerpop. Great stuff.

PS - I just check out AMAZON.COM and you can buy this album for less than a buck... unbelievable.

Tracklisting 1 Shamrock Timbs 3:28
2 Tricky Fingers Timbs 3:34 *
3 Birdbrained Timbs 3:49
4 Liquorish Vampires Timbs 3:41
5 Daddy Scruff Timbs 5:42
6 Record Stack Timbs 3:32 *
7 Role Call Timbs 4:03
8 Spill Your Brains Timbs 3:10
9 Milk Moustache Timbs 3:27
10 Kept Alive by Science Timbs 4:10 *
11 Big Empty Timbs 4:52
12 Poor Man Timbs 3:3



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The Goo Goo Dolls initially consisted of John Rzeznik (vocals, guitar), Robby Takac (vocals, bass guitar) and George Tutuska (drums, percussion). While Takac and Tutuska had been long-time friends in school, Rzeznik was playing in the band The Beaumonts, with Takac’s cousin. The three founded the band under the name "Sex Maggots". However, when a club owner booked the band, he requested they change the name, as the local newspaper could not print their current name. The trio picked the current name out of a True Detective ad for a toy called a Goo Goo Doll.

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