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Papa Roach - The Paramour Sessions

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Geffen Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Howard Benson
Artist discography


There are so many things to like about Papa Roach, they?ve got distance to the life as a rockstar and they are pro?s at making straight ahead hardrock with super catchy choruses but without falling into the trap of the corporate rock machine where so many other bands sounds the same.
It?s nice to see Howard Benson standing behind an album that doesn?t sound like a typical Benson production, perhaps Jacoby Shaddix and the guys in Papa Roach have listened to a lot of other modern rock albums and knows what NOT to do.
The first single "To be loved" didn?t convince me at first that the new album was gonna be a killer but "The Paramour Sessions" fires on all six and the perfect alarm clock to get you up in the morning.
This is an adrenalin ride you won?t forget in the first while, if you want a reason to turn up the volume on your amplifier then the 2nd track "Alive" is just what you need.
Heavy and excellent arranged, get that one into your head and you?re ready for the kick ass rocker of "Crash" that will turn the world upside down for many fans coz this is one helluva ride.
I?m beginning to fall in love with the smash "I devise my own demise" that probably will be a new fanfave live but the song of all songs must be the orchestral rock of "Roses on my grave" - this is the best song I?ve heard with this band and also a new side of Papa Roach.
Oh,the next single then - my bet goes to "Forever".......melodic euphoria with a killer chorus!
Without doubt their best album so far!

Tracklisting 1. ...To Be Loved
2. Alive
3. Crash
4. The World Around You
5. Forever
6. I Devise My Own Demise
7. Time Is Running Out
8. What Do You Do?
9. My Heart Is A Fist
10. No More Secrets
11. Reckless
12. The Fire
13. Roses On My Grave
14. Scars - Live & Murderous in Chicago


Melodic Net Comments 

Best album.. Even better than GAWM.. Fuck those who still want rap.. rap era is over.. this new album is what i can call actually music

killer album the best of papa roach it?s like a bomb in the world music

I don?t call myself a professional, I don?t do this for a living but Slade did and still do and they write coz all the time in their songtitles.

Diggidy dogg
crap review. what professional says coz?

Agreed again. I?m not really a PR fan, but this is their best yet. My fav is Forever!

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