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Andrew W.K. - Close calls with brick walls

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


Classical trained pianist Andrew WK let his fans wait for 3 years for a new record but instead of just recording one album,he will put out 3 whole new albums in 2006-2007 with "Close calls with brick walls" being the first in this trilogy.
With this in mind,you?ll start to think if maybe he wants to get out of his record contract and has to release this many cd?s first?!
He?s truly been wild this time with the composing part coz this album contains 18 brand new songs and yet it has the running time of a normal full length album of 47 minutes so the songs are pretty short.
However "Close calls with brick walls" is only available in Japan so the people in U.S and Europe has to wait - if the album ever gets a release over here,we?ll see.

We?ve got a taste of Andrew WK?s new party rock stuff on the "Masters of horror" soundtrack (2005) with the song "You will remember tonight",a song that is also featured here and stands out as one of the highlights.
Our webmaster hated his first album "I Get wet" which I?m not too fond either but I love the second one "The wolf" so expectations were pretty high on this new cd,unfortunetaly the new one just doesn?t reach the same level as the previous record.
We get a few new bombastic WK anthems such as "One brother","I want to see you go wild","Not going to bed","Don?t call me Andy" and "The moving room".
But there are also songs that never should?ve made it to the final product coz some of them feels like they?ve been put together in 5 mins, plus that Andrew has overproduced the album a little bit too much this time.
An Ok album I guess,let?s just hope the next one will be better!

Tracklisting 1. I Came For You
2. Close Calls With Bal Harbour
3. Not Going To Bed
4. You Will Remember Tonight
5. Pushing Drugs
6. Hand On The Place
7. One Brother
8. Las Vegas, Nevada
9. Dr. Dumont
10. I Want To See You Go Wild
11. When I'm High
12. Golden Eyed Dog
13. Into The Clear
14. Mark My Grace
15. Don't Call Me Andy
16. The Background
17. Slam John Against A Brick Wall
18. The Moving Room
19. We Party, You Shout
20. High Five
21. Let's Go On A Date
22. We Got A Groove
23. Sarah Notto
24. I'm A Vagabond
25. I've Got Know Fear
26. Big Party
27. Who Knows?
28. Coming Bad
29. Can You Dance With Me?
30. Kicks And Bricks
31. A.W.K.
32. I Will Find God
33. This Is My World
34. Young Lord
35. We're Not Gunna Get Old
36. Kill Yourself
37. I Want Your Face
38. Jewel Street Man
39. The Party God


Melodic Net Comments 

Hey Kaj, I didnt know english wasnt your first language. It makes sense now. Second off this is the first time i've ever been to this site and the only reason I came here was because this review is linked on the wikipedia page about the album. I don't agree with your point of view on this album and I've never downloaded an album becuase of your review so you can step off your high horse on that. bye bye!

Hey Ryan, I would like to see you do a review in a foreign language, how about swedish which is Kaj's original language, then we will see how much knowledge you have or how intelligent you appear..

(sorry, wrote the wrong name, hahahaha) -And by the way, Ryan. You stop by here quite often and I must ask you, how many albums you have bought or downloaded for free after you have read a review of mine? I have almost written 50% of the reviews in here so I think the chance is pretty big that you still read my reviews. Let it go!

And by the way, Ryan. You stop by here quite often and I must ask you, how many albums you have bought or downloaded for free after you have read a review of mine? I have almost written 50% of the reviews in here so I think the chance is pretty big that you still read my reviews. Let it go!

Seriously? Slade? That's your reason that using coz instead of because in an article is valid? Seriously? Slade can write songs with coz in the title because it's a rock song and the title doesn't matter but when you are writing a review of an album you are trying to convey the fact that you are intelligent and that your opinion is based upon some knowledge of what you are talking about. Using slang spelling of words makes you look like you are in high school and do not have the musical experience necessary to review anything. Slade folks! SLADE!

I stopped using the spelling COZ a while back since so many complained but that doesnt save this album from being mediocre. And Ryan, Slade are no 12 year olds and they used COZ in plenty of song titles.

never trust any reviews from someone who uses the word "coz" instead of because. It just shows that they are 12 years old and have no clue what they are talking about.

This album is pure joy. It blows away anything else on the market and is a pure classic. This album would have been huge if it would have got radio play. The song hand on the place makes me cry because it is so powerful. Every song on this album is a masterpiece and A.W.K is a musical genius and we are lucky that he shares his gift. His website has recently said that CCWBW will be realesed in the U.S sometime in 2009 with 30 tracks including the bonus material. I for one can not wait. Who the heck would give this album anything but a perfect score? Five out of Five

I don't know what the hell this guy is talking about. Andrew W.K. puts together a phenomenal album with highlights from his earlier days with Wolf Eyes. Close Calls With Brick Walls is such a compliment to his prior release "I Get Wet" by utilizing his classical training along with a great compositional structure. You can hear the blend clearly in "The Moving Room" which has to be my favourite by far. It's amazing how so many people will put W.K.'s work in the garbage rather than give it a modest opinion. Give the man some credit here. He's the Jamie Stuart of rock right now, and that deserves some respect.

Yeah, kind of a weird cd Real energetic sometimes real grooving other times but the rest is just really bizarre Starting to understand why it was only released to asians Dr. Dumont is a sick piano track though

Was given the privledge to hear this album before many of the U.S. Fans. My Uncle John Agnello (one of the producers of this album) sent it to me after finding out about how much i love AWK. I Get Wet was an awesome and amazing album and so is this one. So to say that a lot of these songs seemed to be put together in 5 minutes is a Shi*y thing to say. AWK rocks hard and so those Close Calls With Brick Walls.

You are entitled to your own opinion but this album sounds like leftovers from his previous album that actually were really good. The Wolf is awesome!

lolz meant a 5
i actually meant for this to be a 5 star album. 2 stars? retard.

this review blows, this album rules.

"Close Calls With Brick Walls" is by far the best Andrew WK album to date, and that includes the first one, "I Get Wet", and my previous favorite, "The Wolf". This album is beyond comment, and gets better and better the more you listen to it. Every song comes on in a new way, and just when I think I didn?t understand one of the tracks, it would open itself up in relation to the music around it. A delight on an album in every way. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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