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Hyper Static Union - Lifegiver

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: RKT
Genre: Funk
Producer: Mac Powell, Shawn Lewis, Ray Burnham
Artist discography


The guys in Third Day fell in love with this band the same day as they saw they performing live for the first time.
They fell so deeply in love so they decided to help them get a recorddeal and produced the band.
It ended up on the imprintlabel to Rockettown called RKT. And you can just agree with the boys from Third Day. Hyper Static Union is a VERY good band. They play modern rock but with cool flirts of both this and that... First one out ? ?Lifegiver? is a modern rock-tune added with a Lenny Kravitz edge.
Second out ?Overhead? smells Goo Goo Dolls a long way, the groovy ?Can?t Leave It Alone? is like a hybrid between Red Hot Chilipeppers, Dan Reed, Queen and ?normal? modern rock. Yepp that?s true. B U T there are also a couple boring nonsense popsongs on the album without anything extra and the BIG question is WHY they?re included here. I can?t understand why they have put songs like ?Sunny Days? and ?Chariot? on here for example. They have nothing in common with the rockers I just mentioned. It?s a damn shame cause when this band rocks ? they rock BIG time.

Tracklisting 1. Lifegiver
2. Overhead
3. Praying For Sunny Days
4. Chariot
5. Right Where You Want Me
6. Just Can't Leave It Alone
7. Free Me
8. Child of His Grace
9. Good Fight
10. Now That It's Over


Melodic Net Comments 

Typing skills dont matter much, as long as we understand each other (music is the focus here). Anyhow! I love this album for it?s differnt style and fresh atmosphere. "sunny days" is one of the best songs of 2006 without a doubt. I havent had the pleassure to hear "Entropy" yeat, but I going to very soon.

Jesus Ninja
i want to put 4.5 but cant--- I agreee with Kaj pretty much (dont read my review on Entropy Automatic, i have horrible typing skillz)

Don?t forget "Right where you want me" which has a chorus that I couldn?t believe for a minute was a song written in 2006 coz the 80?s factor is very high on this track,awesome! The ending riff on "Good fight" knocks you out,oompa loompa baby! Yes,there are a few fillers but I like the most of it!

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