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Boys Like Girls - s/t

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Red Ink/Columbia
Genre: Emo
Producer: Matt Squire
Artist discography


Boston based Boys Like Girls has recorded a polished emo/pop debut where my thoughts go to Armor For Sleep, Forever Changed and Acceptance.

Producer Matt Squire (Panic! at the disco, Northstar) has given these boys a sound that reminds a lot of the stuff Brian McTernan is known for with Moments in Grace and Roses Are Red etc.

A high quality sound that can be accused for being overproduced, don?t bother looking this way if you?re a fan of more rough sounding emo rock.

Also add a touch of punkpop over this album and you?ll have BLG, I can easily pick out 4-5 strong single contenders besides the first single "Hero/Heroine".

You only need to hear "Learning to fall" one time to hum along to it without hearing the music and if "Hero/Heroine" won?t climb the charts - I bet "Thunder" (handmade for any soundtrack) or the catchy "Five minutes to midnight" will.

The album is almost worth buying for the outstanding opening track "The great escape", just listen to the awesome guitarwork.

A safe buy!

Tracklisting 1. The Great Escape
2. Five Minutes To Midnight
3. Hero/Heroine
4. On Top Of The World
5. Thunder
6. Me, You And My Medication
7. Up Against The Wall
8. Dance Hall Drug
9. Learning To Fall
10. Heels Over Head
11. Broken Man
12. Holiday


Melodic Net Comments 

Aimee Crosbie
I couldn't wait for the album to reach NZ so i downloaded all the music. Amazing band with amazing songs and powerful lyrics. I have got all my friends hooked here and just waiting for the album to come out here. no doubt i will buy it :P Its so catchy its easy to imagine driving down the Kaikoura coastline in a old bug with the top down singing at the top of our lungs. really really enjoy it :)

Bengt Rist
This kind of bouncy emo powerpop is just impossible to dislike. I mean, it just brings a smile to my face and make me feel happy. BLG will undoubtatly go on my best of -06 list.

Boys Like Girls has come up with an album full of fresh, catchy tunes, with just enough hard-drivin?, edge to it to make you want to hear more. What a great sound, and the boys, Martin, Bryan, John and Paul are just down-to-earth, hard working guys that love to entertain. See them live and meet them in person, and you?ll instantly love all of them. Well done BLG !!!.

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