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The Classic Crime - Albatross

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2006-05-23 Year: 2006
Label: Tooth & Nail
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Michael Baskette
Artist discography


Tooth & Nail is a label that is keeping their ideals and touch. The Classic Crime is a typical Tooth & Nail band. A profesional melodic, refrain based and well produced modern rock band with an EMO-edge.
The sharp production signed by Michael Baskette (Iggy Pop, Chevelle, Cold) is mighty fine and the band and Matt MacDonald behind the mic delivers a bunch of really good refrains.
Any bands I can compare them with...hmmm... Thrice is one band that comes to mind. A tougher Third Eye Blind another and why not also mention A Change Of Pace and Quietdrive... A really good album in a genre where I am very tough in judging cause there are so many predictable bands out there.
The Classic Crime is NOT one of them. They sit on good melodies, a good singer, a good production and that is all we need right?

Tracklisting 1. The Fight (Albatross Album Version)
2. Flight Of Kings
3. Who Needs Air
4. Blisters And Coffee
5. The Coldest Heart
6. All The Memories
7. Say The Word
8. I Know The Feeling
9. Warrior Poet
10. Bitter Uprising
11. We All Look Elsewhere
12. Headlights


Melodic Net Comments 

The EMO genre is something the band is put under in our database. That is not something I have added. But I do think that they have superb progressive emo-sort of edge added to their modern rock-sound whichis an awesome spice to their sound. As I write - it's very hard to put this band under one genre - and yeah - it's not a pure EMO band, and I don't write that and that is not what the review is about either. I will change the genre in the database though as they ends up under that category automatically. I Love this band though.

Chuck Zimmerman
Sorry Par. Try listening to the album before calling it "emo."

Great album, but the music is only as emo as Pär Winberg's shirt.

Bengt Rist
I totally agree with Per. This is without a doubt a great record.

LOVE THIS CD! IS the lead singer from another band orginally??

I?m very picky about todays music. A lot of bands, same type sound. Many getting popular with mediocre rock music. The Classic Crime stands out from the rest. When i want to hear quality modern rock music, this one is one of my favorites.

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