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Smile Empty Soul - Vultures

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Bieler Bros. Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Smile Empty Soul/James Murray
Artist discography


Smile Empty Soul´s new album feels like a collection of leftovers from the never released Lava album "Anxiety" or a bunch of fast written soul-less rock songs without both fire and energy that the band cooked together in a short time because of the new record deal with Bieler Bros.

Lava dropped the band when the single "Don´t need you" never took off on radio, the main reason behind the split with the label must´ve been the lack of hit singles on "Anxiety" and there for also the title "The hit" on one of the new songs on "Vultures" which is entirely about their former label.

-Hey record company, do you need a hit? is a striking line in this good rocker which is one of few good songs on the new album.
The grunge rocker of "Live forever" is another worth mentioning and the calm "Morning light" is pretty ok too.

The single "Here´s to another" is definitely the wrong track to promote the album with.
James Murray did a good job at producing "These questions have no answers" by AllRise earlier this year but where´s the power in this album?

Smile Empty Soul focuses on tough modern rock but this whole product feels light and mediocre.

They should´ve tried to release "Anxiety" instead which is a better album. I´m disappointed because at times, "Vultures" feels like toothache!

Tracklisting 1. Out To Sea
2. The Hit
3. Loser
4. Jesus Is The Manager Of Wal-Mart
5. The Freaks Are Coming
6. Morning Light
7. Adjustments
8. Here's To Another
9. Disease
10. Live Forever
11. Better Off Alone
12. Vultures


Melodic Net Comments 

vultures was a kick ass Album, I find find myself able to enjoy every track on in where anxiety had a few sleepers... anyways smile empty soul kicks all forms of ass!

This reviewer is a dumb fuck

This album is Excellent, I think the guy who Reviewed the album should be Fired for his lack of intrest in ORIGINALITY he must love pop/Rock Radio crap or he just doesn´t know What good music sounds like.. I think if you like music of this Genre you should pick this up and Give it a listen it deffinatly deserves more than a 2 star Rating... Long live Smile Empty Soul...
2007-06-05 11:41:46

This band is so fucking aewsome!!!!!!
2007-05-04 22:19:52

Actually, I think the never released "Anxiety" is better mainly because it has more power and simply stronger hooks. There?s something missing in this album!

One of the best albums of 2006. Excellent songs, each one is my favourate. This is definitely better than their previous album "anxiety" On what basis this album receives "2 stars" I do not understand. Smile empty soul has their own sound and this makes them different from the other mainstream rock bands. Just listen to "the hit " and ask yourselves does the above 2 star review need a hit?

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