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Octane - Rise Up

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Independent
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


The headline over at their myspace page says "Good old fashioned straight up rocknroll" and I couldn?t agree more, Octane plays classic timeless hardrock that doesn?t sound dated no matter what decade it?s been recorded in.
The southern flavored rock is there as well as heavy 70?s rock and kick ass metal, imagine putting Molly Hatchet, Black Sabbath, Shinedown and Guns?n?Roses into a blender and the result is Philadelphia based Octane.
I liked their previous album "When all is said and done" (2004) but think the new album is a bit stronger, the riffs on this 12 track album has more muscles and there are also a few more standout tracks on "Rise up".
The opening tracks "Enemy", "Audiokiss" and "19 forever" gets you in the right mood from the first second and I start to think if I have myself a top 20 record in front of me but the band doesn?t manage to continue in the same high level on the rest of the cd.
The other tracks are rocking good enough too so don?t let my words scare you away, I don?t mind making love to the Shinedown sounding "Broken hearted" pumping in my speakers,hehe.
Non compromising hardrock at your service!


Melodic Net Comments 

this has become one of my favorite new CD?s, and this band is definitely on the rise. "Rise Up" definitely has something for everyone, and honestly I tend to favor the songs near the end of the track, rather than the ones from the beginning. I wouldn?t read the review and think there isn?t any depth to the CD, because I think it is an all-around good CD.

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