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Gavin Mikhail - Like Normal People Do

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Tower Window
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Producer: Gavin Mikhail
Artist discography


Gavin?s new album might not be as upbeat and pompous as the previous "My personal beauty needs", but "Like normal people do" certainly hits your heart with his emotional melodies and depth that it?s impossible not to love Gavin?s songs.
There are a few more ballads on this album yes, but when I thought about it - would it be so wise to record a similar album again because I would only end up comparing them to eachother.
Most of my favorite bands Rush, Journey, Kansas, Winger, City Boy etc. have developed their sound for each album and you get to love them for different reasons and this is also the case with Gavin Mikhail.
If the previous album took you to the heights of Himalaya, then the new one will for sure take you to the great plains of Pampas.
Close your eyes and open your mind, Gavin?s music will invite you to a journey into the inner space of your heart and soul.
And if you miss those pompous moments, just listen the orchestral pop of "Sight unseen" or "Go on".

Tracklisting 1. Brave
2. Catch Your Fall
3. More
4. Back For Me
5. Go On
6. God In This Moment
7. Sight Unseen
8. Days Gone By
9. Stay
10. One Of These Days


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