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Marianas Trench - Fix Me

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-10-03 Year: 2006
Label: 604 Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Dave Genn/Marianas Trench
Artist discography


Vancouver based Marianas Trench kept us waiting for 4 years before their first full length album was recorded and released on 604 records.
I raved about their strong self titled 6 track EP from 2002 and when I heard the new single "Say anything" earlier this year from this album, I knew right away this band would deliver.
And for the ones who doesn?t own a copy of their EP, I can inform you that 3 songs from it ended up on "Fix me" - they are the next single "Decided to break it", my personal fave "Far from here" that includes some heavy riffing plus the catchy "Push".
Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Joey Moi has helped them to refine their material and the band couldn?t have asked for better assistance.
How many bands out there would come up with an idea of doing Beach Boys harmony vocals in a modern rock track?! Well, Marianas Trench did and pulled it off very elegant on "Shake tramp".
So you thought their label mates Armchair Cynics were pretty good, then Marianas Trench will truly set your world on fire as well.
Frontman Josh Ramsay sings that he feels so low in "Low" but the song rocks the shit out of most mainstream rock music today, I love this track!


Melodic Net Comments 

luv it

Man, I love the boys. All the songs are catchy and great. Josh writes great lyrics with the rest of the guys Ibought their cd the day after i found out about them. They have so many great songs i can't choose which one is my fave. They Tottaly rock!!!! They are fuckin gonna conquer the world and save it from evil someday because they are soooo great. And to be able to talk to them yourself is great too. at concerts they spend alot of their time with fans cause come on if you had a fave band would't you want to see if they were total assholes of if they were really sweet guys. But i geuss with these guys they can be both LOL!!! alot of my friends hate them but it's their problem they can't make me hate them too.

Sweet! These guys have real talent without using digital editing, and they don't need it! Say Anything is sereiously catchy, Shake Tramp is the BEST song I have ever heard and Vertigo is another gem. They have awesome vocals, instrumental talent, and meaningful lyrics that are as deep as the trench they're named after. If you don't like them, there's something wrong here.

Marianas Trench are the best!You guys rock!!!I love your songs and your CD!You guys sound great live,too!!
2007-06-23 21:07:09

hey yeah bruce told me about you?s and he?s right great tunes. I?m lead guitar in lonely city dropoff and maybe well tour together sometime. have a blast and play with us and in ottawa.

Bruce Billings
you guys are amazing!! I love the sound its great keep putting more out not to many people have heard of you in ontario just keep on trucking. We love you in smiths falls oh and the band lonely city dropoff is a good band too just trying to get fame from smiths falls ontario. there good friends of mine. but you?s wow amazing have tones of fun

I too had waited 4 years for the CD and while I find some of the recording a bit hmm, lacking, it?s great to finally have all of the songs. They?re amazing live, but the CD is just a tinnny bit below the amazing quality of their live shows.

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