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Skillet - Comatose

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Atlantic/SRE
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: Brian Howes/John L. Cooper
Artist discography


Location:Tennessee, USA
Discography: Skillet (1996), Hey you I love your soul (1998), Invincible (2000), Alien Youth (2001), Collide (2003), Comatose (2006)
Bandmembers: John L. Cooper - Vocals/piano/bass, Korey Cooper - Keyboards/Vocals, Ben Kasica - Guitar, Lori Peters - Drums
Influences:dc Talk, PFR, Kings X
Will appeal to fans of: Red, Disciple, Pillar, Decyfer Down, Kutless
Album tracks: Total length:42,04
2.Last night
3.Yours to hold
4.Better than drugs
6.Older I get
7.Those nights
8.Falling inside the black
9.Say goodbye
10.Whispers in the dark
11.Looking for angels
Comments: Skillet?s new album opens with a track that says about everything this band stands for in 2006, "Rebirthing" means finding new life in christ but it also means new life for the band coz if I was disappointed with their previous modern rock record "Collide" - it?s the other way around now with "Comatose" coz Skillet has never been this good.
I learned to love this band?s earlier sound of synthbased industrial pop/rock but thought their flirt with modern rock didn?t exactly turn out for the best on "Collide".
Many things are different on the new album coz even if this is a 100% modern rock effort, the songs are much stronger and the production is huge from Brian Howes (Closure) and the frontman John L. Cooper.
Skillet has worked more with orchestral arrangements in the same vein as Red and Vendetta Red on "Comatose".

And you can relax coz if you have heard the stunning new single "Rebirthing" and wonder if it was only a one lucky shot, Skillet do line up many more songs in the same fine league of breathtaking modern rock songs like "Yours to hold", "Better than drugs", "Say goodbye" and "Comatose".
The best track of the year? "Rebirthing" or "Falling inside the black"? I can?t make up my mind so I will go for both of them!

Tracklisting 1. Rebirthing
2. The Last Night
3. Yours To Hold
4. Better Than Drugs
5. Comatose
6. The Older I Get
7. Those Nights
8. Falling Inside The Black
9. Say Goodbye
10. Whispers In The Dark
11. Looking For Angels


Melodic Net Comments 

Everyone needs to buy this CD. Skillet is the perfect rock band.

Little Dragon
I donĀ“t care what anyone says. Rebirthing, Better Than Drugs, and Whispers in the Dark are the best songs on this CD. End of story.
2007-04-04 17:02:00

Cor Jan
Hey mate, I totally agree with you!! About your last question...i would go for "Rebirthing" and "Say goodbye" as best songs. Rockers out there...go to your favourite recordstore and buy this one. You won?t be disappointed!

Bengt Rist
Most of the tracks are melodic and radio friendly, without getting lightweight.This one will apeal to both modern rock lovers and AOR lovers. It?s nothing we havent heard before (no groundbraking stuff here) but it?s a good record without a doubt.

Irish Butch Walker fan
Absolutely Album of the year!!!! Every track should be Hit Singles.Amazing stuff!!!!

Whispers in the dark could kill a baby.

Definatley the best so far this year. After Breaking Benjamin?s good but disappointing album Phobia, this album really puts wind back in the sails of the Modern Rock Genre! My favorite songs on this album are "The Older I Get? and "Rebirthing", but every single song on this album could be a hit.

Man, this album came like a quick, strong, unseen punch in the face, and blew me away.. I can?t find words how good this album is, well done, perfectly polished! I have now 3 favourite christian rock/metal albums/bands this year, of course this is one of them. The others are Pillar and Decyfer Down.

John D
Best cd of the year imo

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