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My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-10-20 Year: 2006
Label: Reprise/WEA
Genre: Emo
Producer: Rob Cavallo
Artist discography


Goth-punk-emo act My Chemical Romance has taken their sound one step further into the world of 70?s pomp on "The Black Parade", this is like hearing Green Day?s "American Idiot" but more pompous, dramatic and theatrical - MCR does the unexpected and takes influences from Queen as well as The Beatles on the new album.
This is a concept album about love, darkness and death - the sound can be described as a punk-ish version of Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band plus add a touch of glamrock into it (just listen to "Teenagers").
My thoughts go to Pink Floyd?s The Wall when I hear the opening track "The end" and the artsy rock of "Mama" could?ve been taken from the musical Moulin Rouge, believe it or not but they have managed to bring in Liza Minelli for some guest vocals on this track.
The title track "Welcome to the Black parade" is a contender for the Best song of the year, both video and song are magnificent.
This will be the album MCR will be remembered for!

Tracklisting 1. The End.
2. Dead!
3. This Is How I Disappear
4. The Sharpest Lives
5. Welcome To The Black Parade
6. I Don't Love You
7. House Of Wolves
8. Cancer
9. Mama
10. Sleep
11. Teenagers
12. Disenchanted
13. Famous Last Words
14. Blood - Hidden Track


Melodic Net Comments 

these guys are awesome and it really bothers me when people stereotype them and their fans. we aren't all punks who wear just black, some people just love them and their music. This album is great because it isn't the same as all those emo rock punk band albums out there. MCR has a very unique sound and everyone in the band is genuinely talented.

I finally got to listen to the whole CD. I believe that MCR has to potential to be this generations Pink Floyd. I know I am not the first person to make this comparison, but I think I can be the first one not to completely bash MCR for being or trying to be what they are. Pink Floyd should be considered by many to be musical geniuses and the originators of the progressive rock movement. Now I don't think that MCR have reached their full potential with this CD. They do however have it in them to make an album that will leave a mark like the Wall or Dark Side of the Moon. People have bashed these guys for making a "theatrical" album and that is where I start to get pissed. Music today is filled with untalented schmoe's who are just out there to make a quick buck by dropping one stupid single off of one stupid CD. "A Bay Bay." MCR has done it right by writing a whole album with songs that complement each other and fit a single story or idea. If these guys continue to mature their sound and lyrics one day when we are old we can be proud of this band and the mark they leave behind for our generation. And maybe you won't have to answer questions like; "Did you ever do the cupid shuffle?" And one more thing MCR is one of very few bands (to date) that have guitarists talented enough to actually pull off a lead solo. Which serves to only accentuate the passion and emotion behind the story Gerard is trying to tell.

the best part of the video 2 welcome 2 da black parade is just after the intro, gerard goes a bit mental, but in a good way.
2007-04-13 09:54:31

MCR r great. i think black parade is a brilliant album with great tracks. welcome 2 black parade is one of the best singles i´ve ever heard
2007-04-13 09:49:09

My chemical romance is the hottest band ever! You guys keep rocki´n I LOVEeeeeeeeeeeee YOU Gerard !!!!!!!!!! And my last name isn´t way but soon will be! I lloove you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-04-04 20:25:51



Teresina gallagher
Hello! I am from donegal and I love your album it is so cool! Me and my friend love the song BLOOD. We are always singing it !!!! The song cancer is so sad !! I think geard is so cute!!!! I better go talk to you later!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!

Teresina Gallagher
Hello! I love your album it is so cool! I got it last week and i just love it! My favirote song is the black parade and i think the song cancer is so sad! Your song blood is class it is so funnny!! Me and my friend are alway singing it! My friend orla loves you all and i do to! We thnk geard is so cute! I better go talk to you later!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!


This band needs Jesus!!! JCHC punx!!!

thats right i give them 5 stars because mcr is the only band with real balls theese days. They learn from the old and great and try to make history the way the greats like queen did.

Fact: Pseudo-arena-glam-AFI-rock ? in its natural hyphenated form ? is legally the second most homoerotic word in Webster?s Unabridged English dictionary only trailing to Coldplay. Fiction: My Chemical Romance is the next Queen. Fact: My Chemical Romance attempted to be the next Queen with their third album, The Black Parade. Released two years after their hugely successful Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, My Chemical Romance attempt something ?new? with this release by name-dropping Queen, Bowie, and Pink Floyd as its inspiration ? something so totally pointless because My Chemical Romance?s target audience knows little of the aforementioned artists beyond pop-culture references and maybe Wayne?s World. Fiction: Mediocre power-pop bands can make epic, thematically, musically and lyrically engaging concept-rock. Fact: My Chemical Romance attempts this with strategic, manipulative marketing on a target audience who: feels alienated, confused, and misunderstood; shops exclusively at capitalistic faux punk shops; wears exclusively black. Image is necessary; we understand, and we understand that black is the new black. However, hyping something like The Black Parade as classically epic as A Night at the Opera, Tommy, Ziggy Stardust, or The Wall is absurdly offensive. Apparently it didn?t work for The Killers either. Fiction: I blindly hate this band. Fact: My Chemical Romance writes wildly solid emo-pop songs, and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was an infectious behemoth that I loved immediately no matter how hard I resisted. I even bought the album with hard-earned cash. I still think it?s a great emo-pop record ? lyrically, musically, and compositionally. By no means is it an essential record, but for what it was, it was solid. Fiction: I listened to this album start to finish. Fact: I took a well-deserved mid-listen break in favor of N.E.R.D. Fiction: My Chemical Romance really expanded on their sound with The Black Parade. Fact: My Chemical Romance really half-assed this record. It?s only half of a pseudo-arena-glam-AFI-rock record, and the other half is just standard My Chemical Romance: pseudo-death-pop-AFI-rock. With The Black Parade, they either purposefully and shamefully soil the sounds of Queen and Bowie, or play repetitive, sub-par Three Cheers variances. No matter how you look at it, The Black Parade equates to an uninspired, uncreative, unoriginal album. Fiction: My Chemical Romance will creatively bounce back from this. Fact: No song on The Black Parade is memorable beyond an ion after the song finishes. Sure, these are ultimately pop songs and shouldn?t be taken too seriously, but these are disgraceful. This recent trend of aping already perfected concept albums is getting regoddamndiculous. There are approximately 1.58 million unused concepts waiting to be endured by artists ? pick one that hasn?t already been made. Fiction: ?Teenagers? is the best song I?ve heard since that one song about Myspace. Fact:?Sticking feathers up your but does not make you a chicken,? says Chuck Palahniuk. Fiction: Pseudo-arena-glam-AFI-rock is the new black along with old black. Fact: I couldn?t wait for this album to end.

Bengt Rist
MCR is the hype of the fall even in Norway these days, which is surprising, since this type of music has no big fanbase here. Maybe this could be the ignition. I loved MCR?s previous one "three cheers.." and "the black parade" is a leap in musical and creative development since then. Smells a little like Green Day selling potencial here. So it comes as no surprise that GD producer Rob Cavallo is the directing force behind it. When 2006 is summed up, i am positive that "the black parede" is going to be on "the best of list", for many of music lovers out there.

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