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Ana Johnsson - Little Angel

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: Bonnier Amigo Music
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Leif Larsson/Kasper Lindgren/Karl Engstrom
Artist discography


Ana had a lot of success with the hitsingle "We are" from the Spiderman 2 soundtrack and her debut album "The way I am" brought her name on the map of rock.
However, I thought that album was a bit too light and wished she would use some more guitars on the next album.
I got what I wanted because "Little angel" is definitely more of a rock album compared to the first one, it?s heavier and more dynamic feat. the new single "Days of summer" which is one of poppiest tracks on the new album.
She?s been to Finland where she recorded a few tracks with the modern rock band Bleak, they also collaborated on the title theme "Fate" to the Finnish/Chinese movie "Jade Warrior".
The catchy "Exception" was co-written with Swedish singer Dilba and is a highlight along with the huge ballad "What if" that sounds like a future hit to me.
The upbeat rocker "Catch me if you can" sounds like something Joey Tempest could?ve written with Europe?s modern sound in mind.
Ana?s new album is a helluva lot better than the debut, I hope it?s not dead on arrival like so many albums are when they won?t score a hit.
Without the fillers "Spit it out" and "Still", this album would?ve gained 3,5 stars from me.

Tracklisting 1. Little Angel
2. Break Through T
3. Exception
4. Catch Me
5. What If
6. Playing God
7. Burn
8. Days Of Summer
9. The Harder We Fall
10. Still
11. Spit It Out
12. Coming Out Strong


Melodic Net Comments 

It's a really good album. If you're looking for some good female pop/rock music this is the right album. Great lyrics, great melody. And Ana is simply beautiful.

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