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Skid Row - Revolutions Per Minute

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: SPV
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Michael Wagener
Artist discography


So the boys of Skid Row decided to make one more album without Sebastian Bach where the new frontman Johnny Solinger doesn?t have an easy job filling his shoes.
The previous album "Thickskin" was ok but on the other hand, also their weakest effort compared to the Bach era, the new album "Revolutions per minute" is even worse - Sebastian Bach can?t be a happy man thinking what his former bandmates are doing to Skid Row.
Talk about sinking the ship deep down into the grave with a worthless cargo of nonsense hard rock, is this really what the fans want? I don?t think so.
The melodic "Strength" is ok but the rest won?t even do as b-sides, what the hell were they thinking when they wrote the Irish influenced punkrocker "When god can?t wait"? What a terrible song.
The country rocker "You lie" won?t even sound good if they brought in the Country music elite, no way Jose? - this sucks big time!

Tracklisting 1. Disease
2. Another Dick In The System
3. Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me
4. When God Can't Wait
5. Shut Up Baby, I Love You
6. Strength
7. White Trash
8. You Lie
9. Nothing
10. Love Is Dead
11. Let It Ride
12. You Lie (Com Fed Mix) (Bonus Track)


Melodic Net Comments 

Punk Rocker
Right on! This album rocks. Ferociously done, balls to the wall metal with a bit of a punk tinge, and the way they did an OI sounding song with when god cant wait sounds as good as dropkick murphys, the bruisers, or anything else from that genere, showing the skids musical diversity. As for the country song? Quit bitching people, I bet you?ll see hank III or Steve Earle rocking out a cover of it at a show.

You?re kidding me right? This new album tears furiously through anything that?s out there on the radio nowdays with its sarcasm, social cynicism and wit. As for "When god can?t wait" causing controversy for having the irish pub/oi/drinking song sound...well...are we being a little closed minded? Lets not forget Metallica?s cover of irish drinking song "whiskey in the jar".

This s*cks,is not Skid Row anymore :((...Skid Row died when Bach left...What a sad thing to glam metal,it was one of the best bands...but in past tens...

I agree this is a f#$!ing joke of an album. Without Bach they stink. Thickskin I could get use to. This album is so bad I am embarrased to tell people that it is a Skid Row album. Save your money.

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