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Temple 8 - Enter The Temple

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2003-05-10
Label: Rigel
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Artist discography


Ohio based Temple 8 feat. the multi instrumentalist Kurt Tischer and drummer David Clark must be huge fans of Rush and Dream Theater because "Enter the temple" sounds a lot like Dream Theater?s first album "When dream and day unite" mixed with the early era of Rush.
The musicianship is amazing and it?s a pleasure to hear those Rush-like harmonies and song structures but the production is too sharp and the garage sounding snaredrum just gets annoying after a while, the normal vocals from Tischer is also a bit low in the mix.
The dark narrator voice messes up the good music of "Confessions of an old soul" and who wants to hear a phone voice throughout the whole song like in "Turn left"?!
I like "Ideas of the mind" where Tischer actually sounds like Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys and the Pink Floyd-esque track "Hope" is another nice thing along with the instrumental title track that opens the album.
Go for Dave Gastambide?s "Immovable mover" instead if you want a great Rush sounding progrock album, this one?s only ok.

Tracklisting 1. Enter The Temple
2. Ideas Of The Mind
3. Confessions Of An Old Soul (Part II)
4. Tfel Nrut
5. Turn Left
6. At The Summit
7. Danger Zone
8. The Big Picture
9. Tension
10. It's Alright
11. Confessions Of An Old Soul (Part I)
12. Hope


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