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Rain - Stronger

Rain - Stronger

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2006
Label: MTM Music
Genre: AOR
Producer: Lars Forseth
Artist discography


Rain was founded in 1997 by Lars Forseth and Sonny Crow from the band Bangkok Babes and released their debut album back in 2002 (Kaj did a review of that album). They have the new Jeff Scott Soto in their band, the ex-Jaded Heart singer Michael Bormann.
I don?t know how he manage to record all these albums because these last couple of months he has sang on albums with Zeno, his solo album and now this Rain album. This 2nd album is heavier than the debut with more riff oriented songs but I think the songs misses the right hooklines and catchy choruses that Michael Bormann has delivered since the early days with Jaded Heart.
Soundwise this reminds very much of Jaded Heart with some modern touches here and there. "Get Over It" sounds like it would have been taken from the Jaded Heart album "Trust", an Ok song but not earthshakin?.

The opener "Do You Like It" is the best song of the album with big riffs and a huge sound but still nothing that we haven?t heard from Jaded Heart before.
A few songs has a Bon Jovi vibe over them like "Crazy" or the pianoballad "I?d Die For You" (no, not the Bon Jovi song).
No, this new Rain album won?t do any one happy because it misses the hookladen songs and I think the new Zeno and his solo album are much better - if I want to hear rock the Jaded Heart way I prefer to play a Jaded Heart album instead.
Not a bad album but with no identity at all so it will be lost in the haze with the other releases with Mr. Bormann.
Don?t get me wrong because I love almost every stuff this man has done but this misses the right stuff.


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