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Stefan Leoson - Pennies And Heartaches

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2006-07-02 Year: 2006
Label: Steps & Stage/Hemifr
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: Stefan Leoson
Artist discography


We up here in the north part of Europe have always got our own touch of melodic rock and pop. And I?m aware that there are a lot of people around the world who enjoy the "typical Swedish melodic poprock-sound".
Stefan Leoson who has been a part of the Swedish AOR-prog band Ariel is now solo and have put out an album with material somewhere between the "typical" sound I just mentioned mixed with AOR flirts, modern singer songwriter pop (a?la Brian Vander Ark) and a touch of bands like Keane, Travis, Jars Of Clay, The Ark and Coldplay.
So I know that a lot of you guys who are frequent visitors here at the melodic net will love this album. I know that because it?s done with a huge professionalism in a genre we love. And what makes it even more impressive is that it is Stefan who?ve written, performed and produced the album all by himself. Stefan sits on a great voice quite close to Stefan Andersson (musically he?s close as well) if you remember his albums.

First out "I Don?t Know Where To Start" is a killer opener and the following three songs are real damn fine melodic minutes of perfection. The tempo goes down in the middle of the album and there are a few tracks that aren?t so interesting, but they?re few, so I have to give this debutalbum an impressive 4 star review. I salute the man with a big bravo and I highly recommend to check him out right away at
It?s a ticket to the melodic heaven.

Tracklisting 1. I Don't Know Where To Start
2. The Beggar And The Queen
3. No One Like You
4. My, Oh My
5. Running Won't Make Your Problems Go Away
6. Shine!
7. This Spell
8. Killing Time
9. How Long?
10. You Are There
11. What I've Done


Melodic Net Comments 

This is actually a real good pop/rock album and I think Stefan has a lovely voice too. Enjoyable to max!

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