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Bulletproof Messenger - The Crucial Line

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2006-10-25 Year: 2006
Label: BulletProof Messenger
Genre: Industrial
Artist discography


Industry metal might not suit this band?s sound to 100% because New York based band Bulletproof Messenger deliver electronic modern rock but they have more in common with bands like Cherry St, The Hunger, Neurosonic and Falling Up so I put them under this genre anyhow.
BPM?s debut "The Crucial Line" is a must if you love heavy riffs, huge choruses and sequencers all over - there?s no doubt they managed to create a major label production.
This album sounds great!
We will feature them as the Band of the week right before X-mas so get yourself a x-mas present right now with "The Crucial Line".
There should at least be a few fillers when you have 14 tracks on an album but there isn?t on this one, impressive!
Music like this only makes me happy.

Tracklisting 1. Wake Up Call
2. Can't Quite Call it a Fall
3. Bring Me To Life
4. Best Of Me
5. Heavenly Answer
6. The Way
7. Finest Hour
8. 11:59
9. Tomorrow
10. Save Me
11. Awaken
12. DTD
13. The Truth
14. Crucial Line


Melodic Net Comments 

This band, and this album is freakin? awesome, even for my modern rock ears. The sound is an excellent quality, and this is just their first independet release.. it packs a lot of power! A few tracks remind me of Linkin Park, and Papa Roach, for example the track Can?t quite call it a fall is the mega rock hit, it surely knocks off any opening Papa Roach singles! Bring Me To Life and Finest Hour are amongst this year?s best, that?s for sure!

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