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Danny Vaughn - Traveller

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Danny Vaughn
Artist discography


The former Tyketto and Waysted lead singer Danny Vaughn is back with a new soloalbum. It was back in 1990 Tyketto released their classic "Don?t Come Easy" album that is the best album Danny has sang on.
Tyketto also released a 2nd album with "Strength In Numbers" that did not live up to the same quality as the debut but still was a nice album.
After that Danny left Tyketto and did a blues rock album with "Flesh And Blood" that vanished in the haze.
Then he released two albums under the name Vaughn.

2004 we saw him return to his melodic rock roots with "From The Inside" album that is very strong. So now in 2007 he will release an album under his own name together with Tony Marshall (Contagious), Pat Heath (Brave New World), Steve McKenna (Ten) and Lee Morris (Paradise Lost).
Soundwise, this new album could be described like a mixture of Strength In Numbers meets his first solo album Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside.
He is a damn fine singer and he gets the chance to shine out on this album, many of the tracks are lifted up by his amazing vocals.
When the songs rock, I think this album is really good but the grading is taken down by the laid back and mellow tracks that never takes off even if he delivers some impressive vocals.

So tracks like "Miracle Days" with a celtic start shows the best side of Danny, a great melodic rocker. "Badland Rain" could have been taken from a Tyketto album, this is a strong rocker with plenty of melodies and a brilliant chorus.
The start of this album is really nice. But songs like "That?s What She Says" and "The Touch Of Your Hand" in the middle feels out of place and are two average songs.
"The Warrior?s Way" is much better where he delivers more riffs with the best chorus of the album, a song that reminds a lot of Tyketto - listen to the great hooks in the chorus.
"The Measure Of A Man" is an acoustic rocker with stunning melodies and Danny sings his heart out. The chorus is pure magic, I think he has listened to Bruce Springsteen because this song reminds of The Boss.
The end of the album is a bit weak with a couple of songs that don?t do much for me. Danny has produced the album by himself and done a nice job. This is an album that has it?s moments but also a couple of less good songs. I hope on the next album that Danny delivers more up-tempo rockers that he does best. A nice album without that extra touch.


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