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The Almost - Southern Weather

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Tooth and Nail Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Aaron Spinkle
Artist discography


Tooth and Nail is always known to me as a label that brings out awesome new Rock bands to the market and usually they end of being pretty big. With that said comes the debut album from the Drummer of Underoath Aaron Gillespie. If you didn´t know he is the front man for this project "The Almost." Also if you didn´t know he plays almost every instrument on the record and as well as singing.

This record brings us an awesome Emo rock album that has the elements of Underoath but much more melodies and harmonious alternative rock. The elements are there without the screaming. So if your like me if your not he biggest fan of the screaming in Underoath you´ll dig this record.

A lot of times when someone plays all instruments on the record you get the down flow of music. The music seems more laid back and you can tell the person did everything. The complete opposite on this record. The hard hitting drums and guitars deliver the energy and urgency of a live band. Gillespie´s great use of harmonies, melodies, acoustics and awesome production and some extra guitar playing by producer Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, Emery, Jeremy Camp, Fair) including some awesome cello and choir adding to the music.

My favorites on the album are "Say This Sooner", "Call Me Back, I´m Honest", and "Amazing Because It Is." The slow "Dirty and Left Out" has awesome harmonies by Aaron Sprinkle and great melodies. Definitely check this album out as it is a fine alternative emo rock album and adds the growing catalog of bands that are always rotating in my CD player.

Tracklisting 1. Say This Sooner
2. Drive There Now!
3. Dirty And Left Out
4. I Mostly Copy Other People
5. Southern Weather
6. Stop It!
7. Amazing, Because It Is
8. Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat
9. Never Say, "I Told You So"
10. Call Back When I'm Honest
11. Everything That Makes Me Sick
12. Hold On


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