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The Exies - A Modern Way of Living With The Truth

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Eleven Seven Music
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: James Michael
Artist discography


I don�t know if the split with Virgin Records did make The Exies angry and hungry for revenge, but it�s those thoughts that run through my head after a handful spins of their new record. �A Modern Way Of Living With The Truth�, the forth album from the Los Angeles based band and also the edgiest one. Gone is any kind of glam influences that could be heard on especially their debut, and instead has the guitar sound taken a heavier direction signed Scott Stevens. The change isn�t that huge, but proofs that that they want to go on and develop their sound into something new and fresh for the fans.

You can read in their bio that their sound can be described as the missing link between grunge and emo, which I think is more or less true. I would also like to add some hardrock in that mix because I think they�re far straighter forward than both the grunge and the emo rock in style.

So with a more mature sound The Exies is back on the scene after the 2004 record �Head For The Door�. And I can�t decide if this is their best release or not. Scott Stevens is always a great songwriter and vocalist, so you really know what to get, high quality from track one to the end. With some more trashy tunes ala Foo Fighters the band is back and will make some huge shows the coming months.

�A Modern Way Of Living With The Truth� feels like their most honest and complete record so far so I can�t imagine that any fan of their previous records will say anything else. A safe buy!

Tracklisting 1. Leaving Song
2. Lay Your Money Down
3. A Fear Of Being Alone
4. Different Than You
5. This Is The Sound
6. Stray
7. Dose
8. Better Now
9. My Ordinary World
10. These Are The Days
11. A Modern Way...
12. Once In A Lifetime
13. Spectator At The Revolution
14. God We Look Good (Going Down In Flames)
15. My Goddess (acoustic)
16. Ugly (acoustic)
17. Genius (acoustic)
18. Tired of You (acoustic)


Melodic Net Comments 

Exceeded expectations. Love "Stray".
2007-05-18 07:20:18

Mighty fine album with melodic tracks, great modern rock! The best track, my favourite is Better Now! What a chorus! Way to go Exies!
2007-05-16 19:50:19

Definitely their toughest album so far but don´t you think all the songs soundalike? I kinda lost interest after 5-6 songs.
2007-05-16 08:19:52

The new album is killer! The track Modern Way Of Living With The Truth totally rocks. Peace Fly
2007-04-10 20:33:00

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