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Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight

Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight

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Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Warner Music
Genre: Metal
Producer: Rick Rubin
Artist discography


With over 20 million sold album Linkin Park is one of the biggest rock phenomena in modern history. Their debut “Hybrid Theory” produced by Don Gilmore was when it came in 2000 a real bomb with a bombastic numetal sound that we hadn’t heard before. Tunes like “Crawling” and “In The End” made the band spinning on MTV for years and gave a bunch of award worldwide. The follow up “Meteora”, released three years later wasn’t as successful, of course! But it has sold the respectable numbers of 6 millions records and is a nice piece of modern rap metal. Those two albums have made the band one of the biggest acts today and I can imagine that the pressure for this third album was enormous.
Read that the band wrote like 150 songs for “Minutes To Midnight” and spend 14 months in the studio to create anything they haven’t ever done before. And when have listened to this album now for some days and can without a doubt answer yes on those thoughts from the band. This album contains songs and styles that we haven’t heard before from the band. This is far more progressive and experimental than the two previous efforts and you can clearly hear that the band have tried and tried. But does it work then? I’m sorry to say no here. The album feels way too shattered with like 5 different styles in it and I leaves at least me just confused after the spins. What happened to the energy, the power and the explosive emotions represented on “Hybrid Theory” and “Meteora”? It feels like they have lost everything when the money started to roll in and just had to release an album to make the label and fans happy. If this is the best ones out of the 100 something song ideas they had, I’m not that interested of hearing the rest.
I know that the phrase “A good song is always a good song” is an old worn cliché, but its working really good here. Linking Park sure has some nice ideas and has really tried to develop their “classic” numetal style into something new. But the songs are way too weak and have to say that this is their far weakest album up-to-date.
If it will sell half of the amount of that “Meteora” did (6 million) I would be really surprised. A big failure would be the best thing that could happen to the band so that they would deliver some true and honest emotions on their next effort. A good try, but a big disappointment in the end!

Tracklisting 1. Wake
2. Given Up
3. Leave Out All The Rest
4. Bleed It Out
5. Shadow Of The Day
6. What I've Done
7. Hands Held High
8. No More Sorrow
9. Valentine's Day
10. In Between
11. In Pieces
12. The Little Things Give You Away


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Did you know that?

Mark Wakefield was in Linkin Park when they were called Xero, but then left because the other band members wanted to go big and he didn´t want that.

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