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Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: RCA Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Avril Lavigne, Rob Cavallo, Butch Walker, Deryck Whibley, Dr. Luke
Artist discography


Avril Lavigne has said that “The Best Damn Thing” is my best record yet. I can say that with confidence". What else should she say? That it’s probably my most sugar sweet and shattering album so far with at least three types of styles in it. That’s at least what I think of it and has to say that it’s a big step back from the nice 2004 album Under My Skin with great song contributors’ ala Raine Maida, Butch Walker and Ben Moody. Just listen to the Gwen Stefani inspired title track and compare it to terrible Fergie soudning “I don’t have to try”. Ok, she’s added some of her traditional skater punk edge on them, but it’s not me far too obvious that they have tried to follow what’s working at the moment.
“The Best Damn Thing” has some great tunes of course like the Butch Walker penned “When You´re Gone” and “Everything Back but You”, but overall feels this like her most uninspiring and “teenie” record so far. Some youngsters might like it, but I don’t!

Tracklisting 1. Girlfriend - Radio Edit
2. I Can Do Better
3. Runaway
4. The Best Damn Thing
5. When You're Gone
6. Everything Back But You
7. Hot
8. Innocence
9. I Don't Have To Try
10. One Of Those Girls
11. Contagious
12. Keep Holding On
13. When You're Gone - Acoustic Version
14. I Can Do Better - Acoustic Version
15. Girlfriend - The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - English


Melodic Net Comments 

is very power punk-pop this album!!! I like a lot

Dude, you need to listen to som real music, and forget about this crap as quick as you can. You are embarrassing your self by defending this corporate flamboyant screwover of a record! (great fun and enjoyable work) (worth buying only for that exellent "one of those girls" song). Are you serious?? That´s the most disturbing thing I´vever heard...
2007-05-01 13:50:35

I don´t understand why so much hatred against this album. I really don´t know what was that i expected from Avril. But, hey, this is not the standard poppy album that some of you are selling. It´s full of crancking guitars and some very upbeat songs, so what´s the deal? Moreover, as i see things, i can hear in this album an Avril far more relaxed and fun, and it works for me. Track by track, i´d say "Girlfriend" is one of the best songs Avril has ever offered, basically because of that impresive mix of voices and choruses in the end of the track. And, come on, who doesn´t enjoy "I can do better"? just hear that wall of guitars on the background. "Runaway" shows us an Avril very secure of what she´s doing with an instant enjoyable chorus. I may agree "The best damn thing" is childish and foolish, very much indebted to Gwen Stefani, but, come on, who can´t resist to that explosive chorus??? True, "When You´re Gone" is a good work, very much in the vein of a classic power ballad. "Everything back but you" is pure punk pop with no shame of so being, very cool indeed. I don´t have problems with "Hot", i like the melody and the hooks. "Innocence" captures some of the Tori Amos-like style that many critics detected in her previous albums, but i don´t really am a great fan of this song. Ok, "I don´t have to try" may contain some of the same foolish and childish style of track no.4, but nevertheless is a highly addictive tune. And there it comes the outstanding track of the album, "One of Those Girls", very rockier, in fact, one of the best songs of Avril, i´m really astonished by the way she chains verse after verse, ever sustained by a generous dosis of roaring guitars. "Contagious" is more of the same, california punk pop style, but in any case, very enjoyable. The bonus track "Keep Holding On" we´ve already heard it on the "Eragon" soundtrack, and is a little demonstration of that Amos way of singing, well backed by violins and choruses. A calm track to end the album. Overall, i think is a really great, fun and enjoyable work and, if anything, for me it´s worth buying only for that excellent "One of Those Girls" song.
2007-04-27 14:15:32

Adrienne Huntley
One of my fave songs on the album is keep holding on,it rox! I love avril like so much she`s amazing.
2007-04-21 17:52:18

I think this album is a step forward from the previous album, I really do like it and some of the songs like "When you´re gone" and "Keep holding on" are some of her best work.
2007-04-16 09:39:52

The CD, I mean, not the song "Girlfriend." The rest of the CD is not much like "Girlfriend." BTW, LA Times and Entertainment Weekly also find this to be a good CD. Not that it matters, though, since our individual opinions count.
2007-04-14 18:59:42

"Girlfriend" is really the only one I find a bit childish, and even that´s catchy. It might be my fave of hers..
2007-04-14 18:57:36

I completely agree with this review, this album is a big dissapointment to me.. and I must add, I realy like Avril´s debut album (I´d give 3.5, maybe 4 stars for that). Where are those fine rock songs like my favourite, Mobile, or the best track from Under My Skin, my second favourite from her, Nobody´s Home? I know she wanted to make some changes, but she did it in a really bad way.. I miss the more rockin´ Avril, not this childish, bubblegompop.. I knew this is going in the wrong way when i first heard Girlfriend.. shame shame, Avril can do better than this, and I hope she will! The only songs i can lift from this album, are: When You´re Gone, Innocence, Keep Holding On, and maybe Hot (kinda like the chorus in it) If you like Avril, and want some more rockin´ stuff, try Krystal Meyers. Her latest effort is far better than Avril´s imo.
2007-04-14 18:52:39

Thanks for understanding, wippsson. We´ll agree to disagree on this one. I see no cheapness or immaturity.
2007-04-14 17:02:13

The natural thing for an artist is obviously to mature for each new record, specially when you start out at a young age. In Avril´s case it seems just the opposite. Her voice sometimes sounds like a twelve year old singing in her room, and the mix of bubblegum teen pop and adolecent punk pop is more or less nauseating. The distingt that Avril had in her voice is gone, most thanks to the production i am afraid, cause on some of the songs you cant tell her apart from some of her lightweight followers. The two ballads "Innocence" and "when your gone" gets my only two stars.( I would like to add, that I was one of them who loved her debut album).
2007-04-14 14:43:13

Hey Matt. It´s pretty funny cause I like her previous records and would have given them higher rating than Kaj did so the site doesn´t have anything against her. My problem with this record is that it feels more like a product created by several producers than something own. Playful sounds good to me, but the Fergie/Stefani influences is too cheap. And thanks for adding your comment. What I writes is totally subjective and don´t think I have the universal opinion. With more comments like your one, the better for the readers and the ones that might is interested of buying this record.
2007-04-14 07:21:02

I wouldn´t call it uninspiring or teenie. It´s playful! It´s really Avril at her purest. I like it even more than Under My Skin. Your site has never given Avril a good review, so this is no surprise.
2007-04-14 05:59:12

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