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Audiovent - Dirty sexy knights in Paris

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Gevin Mackillop
Artist discography


California based hardrockers Audiovent puts the mark on top of the hill with their debut showing how it?s done the right way to rock. Gosh,this is an electrifying record filled with tense and vibrating grooves. It reminds me a lot of another brilliant hardrockband called Fuel,just listen to the pumping "Rain" and the stunning murder riff on the refrain. The album starts with the party rocker "Energy" and then stays on the highway of high class modern rock extravaganza to the last song "When I drown" which is a wonderful pianoballad. They will tour with Adema in the states this summer and that looks like a hurricane set that will blow your head off. Singer Jason Boyd knows how to put the feeling into all the melodies either it?s smooth or heavy,thumbs up!! You won?t be disappointed if you love modern hard rock and wants new music for your mixtapes to come. Aint that a cool album title or what?! A candidate for the top 20 list this year pronto!

Tracklisting 1. The Energy
2. Looking Down
3. I Can't Breathe
4. Rain
5. One Small Choice
6. Sweet Frustration
7. Stalker
8. Gravity
9. Underwater Silence
10. Back And Forth
11. Beautiful Addiction
12. When I Drown


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