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Bryan Adams - Spirit/Stallion of the cimarron

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: A&M
Genre: Rock
Producer: Hans Zimmer
Artist discography


"Here I am, this is me,theres nowhere else on earth Id rather be"....begins this soundtrack to Dreamworks new animated movie this summer.
Bryan has done something out of this world together with songwriterproffessor Mutt Lange and moviemusicmaker Hans Zimmer(who stands behind the 5 instrumental pieces).
There are 8 new songs by Bryan not so typical for his sound except for a couple of songs. This is more of a majestic walk in the highlands soundalike that takes a firm grip on your soul.
Bryan sings fantastic and full hearted,I must say I nearly gave up on him after "18 til I die" and "On a day like today" which I wasnt too fond of....and then all these collections and unplugged things, it seemed his best days were over but how wrong I was!

This is my first 5 rating since I started writing reviews on this site and I thought Id never hear a record that would make my knees weak again like this one did. We´re talking classic albums like Rush-Moving Pictures, Journey- Escape and Vanhalen-s/t to mention a few with 5 rating.

Maybe in 5 or 10 years we will look back on those records that had 9 ratings and say -that should be a 10 but didnt dare! But I dare now, the music is very pompous and I feel like an eagle flying on the great plains of Pampas or a wild horse running free on the prairie.
Listen to the wonderful and calm "Sound the bugle" and time will stand still,it fell a tear from my eye when I heard it the first time honest to god. "You cant take me" shows a new side of Bryan where he sounds a bit Marc Jordan-esque. "I will always return" is the new blockbuster ballad but in the same class as the classic "Heaven".

"Get off my back" is ofcourse a cool rocker that could be taken from Waking up the neighbors. I should warn you right now that this is a quite a soft album but not in million miles with a bad tune on it. The instrumental parts has that same vibe as the Rocky 4 sound- track by DiCola if youre familiar with it. He has done songs to movies before but not as good as this one,so I would like to thank Bryan, Mutt and Zimmer for a new monument in time. The throne has been taken!

Tracklisting 1. Here I Am - Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron/Soundtrack Version/End Title
2. I Will Always Return - Soundtrack Version
3. You Can't Take Me - Soundtrack Version
4. Get Off My Back - Soundtrack Version
5. Brothers Under The Sun - Soundtrack Version
6. Don't Let Go - Soundtrack Version
7. This Is Where I Belong - Soundtrack Version
8. Here I Am - Soundtrack Version
9. Sound The Bugle - Soundtrack Version
10. Run Free - Soundtrack Version
11. Homeland - Soundtrack Version (Main Title)
12. Rain - Soundtrack Version
13. The Long Road Back - Soundtrack Version
14. Nothing I've Ever Known - Soundtrack Version
15. I Will Always Return - Soundtrack Version (End Title)


Melodic Net Comments 

Well said. It's one of my favourite albums of all time to this day, as it contains a sincerity and warmth in both Bryan Adams singing and songwriting that's largely absent from the bulk of his work, I'm sorry to say. From the shallowness and insipid writing that characterized 'Waking Up the Neighbours' and '18 Till I Die', he hasn't written something this moving since the earnestness with which he wrote 'Reckless'. Part of it is that Adams finally takes a few musical risks here. He tried taking a few in 'Into the Fire' and because the album bombed so badly he returned to his bread and butter type of anthems which largely resulted in the formula getting duller and duller with each subsequent album. Here, he's done something new and it feels as refreshing as feeling the breeze on the open plains in the old west.
2011-08-26 07:43:27

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