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Allen/Lande - The Revenge

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Metal
Artist discography


Magnus Karlsson is back with the second chapter of Allen/Lande project. The first chapter "The Battle" was released in 2005 and had big success and rave reviews everywhere in the melodic rock cirkus.
So Magnus has once again written songs for Russell Allen(Symphony X) and Jorn Lande(ex-Masterplan) who both delivers outstanding vocals. This new album is slightly heavier and tighter than the debut but still filled with beautiful sweeping keyboards/piano mixed with Magnus brilliant guitarplaying and songs with huge hooklines. Like the debut this is a well produced album done by Magnus himself with help from Dennis Ward(Pink Cream 69) that has mixed the album. Allen and Lande share´s the vocals on this album as they did on the debut and they give their best if they sing solo or duets, amazing stuff to hear these talented singers. I don´t think "The Revenge" is an album that grabs you right away like the debut did but after couple of spins of this record it will grow and you want to hear it over and over again. The songs are not as catchy as on the debut but still very hookladen with big sound and wonderful melodies. My favourite tracks are the stunning "Master Of Sorrow" that is a metalballad with a huge chorus and lovely pianosound, "The Revenge" is a riffantastic rocker with bombastic and pompish sound, "Will You Follow" contains superb keyboardsound in the background and this is a song with brilliant melodies, "Just A Dream" is filled with heavy guitarriffs and big hooklines and wonderful harmonyvocals in the chorus. This is an album where there arent any fillers, but a couple of songs could have had more variation but in the end this is a very strong album. The coverart is nothing less but great and it has been specifically designed for this project by Rodney Matthews(Diamond Head, Magnum, Asia). This is not as good as the debut but it´s not far away and will not disappoint anyone that has it and are fans of both Russell Allen and Jorn Lande. Magnus Karlsson has done it again and delivers a high quality album and it will for sure be on many best-of lists of this year.


Melodic Net Comments 

Fantastic album but "The Battle" is just a little bit better. If you own the "The Battle", then this is a must buy. This album uses the same formula that made the first such a success and only reason it did not get 5 stars is that there was nothing really new to add. Of course there is always the saying "You cannot improve on perfection".

This one is way better than the debut "THE BATTLE". The songs are more memorable and catchier albeit heavier too. The only bad point on it is the 2nd song "Obsessed" that is just not good at all. The guitar playing on this is phenomenal, who knew Magnus Karlson could shred like this.
2007-05-24 21:48:44