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Babel Fish - Babel Fish

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 1998
Label: Altantic Recording Corp.
Genre: Pop
Producer: various
Artist discography


Here is a review I did back in 1999 about a Norwegian band that did two really nice album (Kaj wrote about their other album from 2002 when it was released). This album is still a very good album, but perhaps not a 5 star review like it may sounds like when you read my review below. It is very nice though and you gotta check it out if you don´t own it.

Phew Phew Phew - here is another killer album and it´s bloody norwegian. Ehum. This CD would perhaps have been more suitable on the modern rock pages but what the hell. It´s not modern rock - it´s just great wellproduced melodic rock with traces of both midwestbands like Pistoleros and poppers like crowded house. Great is what it is and a CD you have to buy right freekin´ now. Fave tracks are "Mania and "Turning The Blind Eye". Probably the best scandinavian record of 1999 to be honest. Buy at once.

Tracklisting 1. Mania
2. Light Of Day
3. Tic-Tac
4. The Speechwriter
5. Turning The Blind Eye
6. Two Feet Tall
7. Out Of The Blue
8. Jigsaw Man
9. Half Hearted
10. Close To Home
11. Boyscout Without Eyes


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