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Lifehouse - Who We Are

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2007
Label: Geffen Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Jude Cole & Lifehouse
Artist discography


Lifehouse is one of my favorite bands when it comes to modern rock. Jason Wades great voice combined with their post grunge/ modern rock mix is a winning formula that will work on many more albums, hopefully.
Their debut “No Name Face” is a real classic album in the modern rock genre and is probably a top five all time if you’ll ask me. It got a great depth, but without being hard to connect to with thoughtful lyrics and a great production signed Ron Aniello.
I wish I could say that their follow ups would be close to as good, but I simply just can’t. They’re sure good albums that I really, really like, but something just happened when success came and they turned into a more commercial way.

This new album then was said to be more rock than their latest self titled effort so I really hoped for something close to “No Name Face”. And after a handful of listening do I have to say that there are moments on “Who We Are” that reminds me of their best moments. The dramatic “Storm”, which is very close to “Everything” shows the depth and emotions that has been missing for some time now. It’s a marvelous tune that will be a Lifehouse classic for sure.
But if I have to be a little hard do I have to say that it’s the only tune with the extra nerve. The rest of the album follows their two last efforts with a more poppy sound and a production that at times is to light and technically for my taste. But there are great songs here, gosh there is! Just listen to the title track and of course the first single “First Time” and get amazed. Have listened to those two tunes now like 50 times in a couple of days and is still so impressed by them. And there other gems to! You can play "Who We Are" from start to end without skipping a single tune, no talk about that.

But the overall all feeling is still that this is not an effort trying getting back to rock. This is still more pop/rock oriented album and pretty far away from the emotional debut. But if they can continue writing great songs like the ones here, I will be more than happy cause this in one of 2007s best modern rock album.

Tracklisting 1. Disarray
2. First Time
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Who We Are
5. Broken
6. The Joke
7. Easier To Be
8. Make Me Over
9. Mesmerized
10. Bridges
11. Learn You Inside Out
12. Storm


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