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Digital Summer - Cause and Effect

Reviewer :
Steve Deluxe Format: Album
Release date: 2007-03-08 Year: 2007
Label: Digital Summer
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


The debut album from Arizona band Digital Summer is a storming modern rock ass kicker. Opening track Disconnect sets the tone and it carries on from there. Great melodic vocals from Kyle Winterstein and sweet guitar riffs make this an essential album for any fan of bands like Unloco or Stereomud.
The album was produced at Minds Eye Digital so we´re talking major label type production. Best track on the album is Suffocate but tracks like Now or Never or Broken are nearly as good.
The album ends with a piano based version of Suffocate which is a nice way to finish however there is no doubt the heavier songs are the better ones as some of the tracks don´t generate the same kind of excitement or energy as the rest of the album does.
These guys should be huge but their progress may be hindered by being labeled as a dated Nu-Metal band which they are certainly not. This is commercial, modern, heavy rock of the highest order.

Tracklisting 1. Disconnect
2. Crash
3. Suffocate
4. Now Or Never
5. Broken
6. One More Day
7. Chasing Tomorrow
8. Sick Inside
9. This Time
10. Whatever It Takes
11. Love And Tragedy
12. Sxxxoxxxe


Melodic Net Comments 

Commercial nothing. These guys are the best metal band in a long time. They have pure energy and raw talent. The ignore what has become the biggest nuisance in heavy music, they don't scream every two seconds. They do use background screams but only when appropriate (EVERY OTHER BAND NEEDS TO DO THE SAME, NOW!). Every member of this band is top notch and avoids the same formula most modern bands do (shredding, double bass pedals being used so much you want to tear off the kit etc.). The songs do also embody another factor most bands don't. Genuine passion. The vocals hit you and you have no trouble believing they mean every word of it. The guitar tone is beautiful and leaves me envious (although I would have loved to hear a few solos, it's not a big complaint). The bands only flaw is it's repetitive lyrical themes. All in all this is one of the most original and exciting bands in a long long time.

Ross Jones
Digital Summer Kicks some major ass. they leave u wanting more. with the powerful vocals of their lead singer and the rest of the band u cant lose with Digital Summer.

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