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Custom - Fast

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Artist Direct
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Custom
Artist discography


Custom or Duane Lavold which is his given name got banned from Mtv this winter with the video of the debut single "Hey mister". A single which is a sure winner with a suitable video, cause the songs is one of coolest in a long time. I would be very surprised if not people wouldnt sing "Hey mister I really like your daughter" in a short while here in Sweden.
The only problem with it, is that youre getting tired of it after three times. In style Custom feels like a modern rock version of Beck with tons of wacko ideas. "Morning spank" is also a sure winner in the division as "Hey mister" with a funky beat combined with funny lyrics.
The album isnt totally wacko, because once in a while he shows a more singer songwriter side of himself, which feels like a good combination to the more crazy ones. He sure is talented cause he has wrote all the songs.
He has also produced, engineered, mixed and record all of them and add then that he has won a movie award for a short film back in 1997. This isnt the last that we have heard from this guy and its going to be very interesting to see what he will do next time.


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