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Scorpions - Humanity: Hour 1

Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2007-08-28
Label: Sony/BMG
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: James Michael and Desmond Child
Artist discography


German rockers The Scorpions are back with a hard hitting rock album. This album rocks like their earlier work. Rocking songs, heavy at times, and a few slower ones in the mix that have the classic Scorpions sound.

Singer Klaus Meine voice is really powerful on this album. His voice really has no sign of aging. With songwriting help from Desmond Child, The Scorpions capture their sounds but also modernize it in a good way and not a cheesy way most older bands do. Some of the tunes actually remind me of Dream Theater-like vibes.

"The Game of Life" is a powerful rocker with the classic Scorpions chorus. "Humanity" a great classic sounding Scorpions tune starting out with acoustics very reminiscent of older hit "Still Loving You." I would recommend this album to many modern rock fans as well as die-hard Scorpions fans.

Tracklisting 1. Hour 1
2. The Game of Life
3. We Were Born to Fly
4. The Future Never Dies
5. You're Lovin' Me to Death
6. 321
7. Love Will Keep Us Alive
8. We Will Rise Again
9. Your Last Song
10. Love Is War
11. The Cross
12. Humanity


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