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Envy On The Coast - Lucy Gray

Envy On The Coast - Lucy Gray

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2007-08-07 Year: 2007
Label: Photo Finish Records
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Bryan Russell
Artist discography


In 2006, you were introduced to Envy On The Coast, the upstart Long Island quintet with the swiss-army rock aesthetics, boundless ambitions, and hearts big enough to fit each of their growing swell of fans. well they are back and hitting us with a 12 song sophomore effort “Lucy Gray.” The album offers Catchy Pop rock with a touch of dance flare. There are many very upbeat tracks that remind me almost in the vein Head Automatica vocal style provided by singer Brian. My favorite tracks off the album are “Amount of Truth” and “Vultures.”

Envy on the Coast surprised me from the beginning though. The album starts with "Sugar Skulls". From the name of the group and where I have see the press about them I though they were more of an emo scene band. However, after hearing this album its more of a pop deluxe with banging music behind it. Its not far too original but does have some really surprising tunes on it. They bring us a more experienced, mature sound that is satisfying and refreshing.

The bass player Jer and drummer Dan really know how to mesh together and make a tight rhythm section and pound away together creating some truly good listens. Lucy Gray is a fine album to be released this year, a collection of songs created by a group of young musicians with some good talent.

Tracklisting 1. Sugar Skulls
2. Artist And Repertoire
3. The Gift Of Paralysis
4. Tell Them That Shes Not Scared
5. (X) Amount Of Truth
6. Vultures
7. Mirrors
8. If God Smokes Cheap Cigars
9. Starving Your Friends
10. Lapse
11. "...Because All Suffering Is Sweet To Me..."
12. "Im Breathing...Are You Breathing Too?"


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