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Audrey Horne - Le Fol

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2012-05-01
Label: Indie Distribution
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


The Norwegian Grammy Award winning band Audrey Horne can be described as 4 supermen that gave us the superhero album “No Hay Banda” in 2005 which was without doubt the best album that year.
Now they´re walking the streets like normal human beings or 4 Clark Kent´s is perhaps a more suitable explanation, waiting to do the next superhero album.
Because it´s not easy to match the masterpiece of the debut with a follow up album, “Le Fol” didn´t hit me like lightning or made me speechless like “No hay banda” did.
The new 12 track album is very good, the 3 songs “Last call”, “Jaws” and “Threshold” could all be featured on the brilliant debut but it ends there with miracles and wonders.
“Last chance for a serenade”, “Monster”, “Afterglow” and “Bright lights” are great songs but none of them reaches the heights of Himalaya.

“Wish you well” sounds a lot like something Mustasche could´ve recorded, this is more like a 70´s stoner rock/metal tune.
Fans of Alice in Chains will be pleased to hear grunge-like songs such as “So long euphoria” and “Pretty girls make graves”, but to me they pass by without any bigger notice.
“Hell hath no fury” goes in the same vein as Jorn Lande´s power hard rock, solid rocker but nothing that awakens my heart.
“In the end” is the weakest track here, I think it should be a b-side on a single instead because this is not what I want to here on a full length album by Audrey Horne.
Please, be superheroes again!

Tracklisting 1. Last Chanse For A Serenade
2. Jaws
3. Last Call
4. Threshold
5. Monster
6. Afterglow
7. In The End
8. Pretty Girls Make Graves
9. Bright Lights
10. Hell Hath No Fury
11. I Wish Hou Hell
12. So Long, Euphoria


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