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U137 - Dreamer on the Run

Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2013-08-20
Label: Deep Elm Records
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Adam Tornblad, Oscar Gulbrandsen
Artist discography


Everytime i get something in the mail from Deep Elm Records, it is usually exciting. They have treated us to great post rock bands like Last Lungs, Moonlit Sailor and more recently Lights & Motion. Here is another cool band to check out. Two guys from Moonlit Sailor started this as a side project and with that kind of background, could it be anything else than superb? In short: no, of course not. With that information you could have guessed that the band is from Sweden. I do not know what makes Swedish bands prone to churn out music in this style but I am sure not complaining.

The album starts off slowly with The Poet and from that song and onwards we are presented with more beautiful music from two very talented guys. This is one of those albums that you really should
Overall, the tempo is slower than the material played by Moonlit Sailor. Songs like Pearl Lakes and Varberg shows of the diversity among the song. That is one very important thing when it comes to this kind of music. U137 has no problem whatsoever with neither variety nor consistency because all songs have the same quality throughout the album.

Given that this band has two guys from Moonlit Sailor in it, I am quite excited to see what that band will produce later this year. but for now, this album will do fine as a replacement. I urge you to check this out if you like Moonlit Sailor, Last Lungs and Lights and Motion. You will not be disappointed. In the end, what we get is 10 tracks of very high quality. Then again, we expected nothing less. Very good guys!

Tracklisting 1. The Poet
2. Watching the Storm
3. Pearl Lakes
4. Let Me Keep This Memory
5. Varberg
6. Midsummer Field
7. Anemone
8. Sliding Doors
9. The Nostalgic Tune
10. Dreamer on the Run


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