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Rammstein - Liebe ist fur alle da

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2009-10-16
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Industrial
Artist discography


This album gives me mixed feelings, now don´t misunderstand me, I love Rammstein´s new album Liebe ist fur alle da but I hate their new controversial single Pussy. It contains some of the worst lyrics I´ve heard in a long time but Till Lindeman and Co wanted to push limits a bit I guess. The rest of the album is a classic! I think of this as their first real album since Reise Reise in 2004 because Rosenrot from 2005 was more of an album filled with leftovers from Reise Reise and not in the same league. Liebe ist fur alle da is superior, the upbeat and more electronic metal bring thoughts to their Sehnsucht album combined with the heavy production of Mutter. Several songs gives me goosebumps like Fruhling in Paris, Ich Tu Dir Weh and Rammleid. Then we have the future live classics Liebe ist fur alle da and B*******, I think Rammstein should have their own planet. They´re too big for this Earth!


Melodic Net Comments 

What a travesty.

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