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Alter Bridge - Fortress

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2013-10-08 Year: 2013
Label: Roadrunner, EMI
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Michael Elvis Baskett
Artist discography


Keeping their rock god status alive, Alter Bridge creates their heaviest and most intense album to date. The band has taken the non-traditional route and have become heavier and more progressive throughout their short but explosive existence. Maybe, been there done that, but many bands get softer and more commercial. Not these guys, all they want to do is rock hard and want you to rock with them.    
Addicted to Pain” is the first single form the album and man, does this song rattle your brain. The bass drops in the beginning help the band pound through their fastest fist pumping anthem. “Fortress” does not let up in the heavy department. “Cry of Achilles” is great progressive album-starter, leading into dark overtones. Chugging is the name of the game for Tremonti and company on "Bleed It Dry". It isn’t until we reach the fourth song “Lover,” where the band slows it down a bit. The showcase of Myles on this song, proves consistency and just plain superstar vocal ability.

There’s more musical elements on this record than before, especially with the drums and bass. Scott Phllips really steps up his game with different drumming styles and Brian Marshall proves he’s the backbone especially in “Calm The Fire.” We see a first from the band with "Waters Rising.” Tremonti takes the baritone vocal front of the verses and Myles comes in, lifting the choruses to the heavens. A cool element to the album as Tremonti has been trying out more and more vocals, but Myles is the lead and shows you why, throught the rest of the album. There are not many people that can do what he does in the scene right now. His mix of metal, 80’s, classic rock,  and pure high octane performance delivers album after album.

A heavy melodic rocker “Farther Than The Sun” hints single status, think a “Rise Today” type, but a bit more aggressive. If you’re like me, then you always wait for that one signature Alter Bridge track, bringing us to “All Ends Well.” One of the only slower songs, "the ballad" if you will. Radio is written all over this one as i can see this song becoming a staple for the band. It has every aspect of what the band does and the soaring vocals from Kennedy can make a real dent in the mass market. 

If you are a fan of the bands previous work, you will not be disappointed with this one. Alter Bridge does it again! Their ability is undeniable at this point and “Fortress” proves they are one of the best rock/metal acts of today’s generation and only moving forward.

Tracklisting 1. "Cry of Achilles"   
2. "Addicted to Pain"  
3. "Bleed It Dry"   
4. "Lover"  
5. "The Uninvited"  
6. "Peace Is Broken"  
7. "Calm the Fire"  
8. "Waters Rising"   
9. "Farther than the Sun"   
10. "Cry a River"   
11. "All Ends Well"   
12. "Fortress"  


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Did you know that?

Myles Kennedy was in a band called ´Citizen Swing´ from Spokane, Washington. The band released two albums, Cure Me With the Groove and Deep Down, before disbanding in 1996. ´Cure Me With the Groove´ was a jazz-influenced pop album best described as Stevie Wonder meets Stevie Ray Vaughn, while Deep Down was a much heavier album, dropping all of the pop pretense in favor of heavy guitars, soaring vocals, solid and infectious beats and a bit of the ´jazz flair´ of the trumpet. Vocalist and lead guitarist Myles Kennedy, formerly of Cosmic Dust, eventually went on to front The Mayfield Four and later Alter Bridge.

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